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Accept Basic Attention Token BAT Accept Basic Attention Token BAT

Digital Advertising is one of the least transparent industries in the world. The Basic Attention Token (BAT), is created by a blockchain-based company that wants to bring transparency to online advertising and disrupts the current "Middleman" culture of digital advertising.

In our day to day browsing, there are on average 70 different tracking solutions following your every move online, reducing the battery life of your device, slowing down page load, and compromising your data. All of these adverse side effects of digital advertising are among the problems that the team behind BAT aims to tackle by pursuing a decentralized solution for the industry.

To achieve their goals, the founders have created a web browser that benefits all three sides of digital advertising: users, publishers, and advertisers. This browser named "Brave" measures and rewards users with BATs for their attention when surfing the web, i.e., their mental engagement with content. Meanwhile, publishers receive revenue for the attention users pay to their content. Last but not least, advertisers get the triple benefit of increased return on investment, protection against fraud, and increased targeting capabilities.

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