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Accept Blackcoin BLK Accept Blackcoin BLK

BlackCoin, recognized by the token BLK, represents a transparent, distributed, and decentralized public ledger of transactions. It is a peer-to-peer digital currency that resembles Bitcoin in the way transactions are stored.

Unlike Bitcoin, it uses different protocols to secure its network, utilizing a proof-of-stake system, which allows users that own BLK tokens to use their wallets to secure the network.

As an incentive to users, BLK offers 1-8% interest on their tokens per year. Interest naturally introduces inflation in the system, which means that more and more coins will continue to appear over the lifetime of the cryptocurrency.

It is an entirely anonymous system, which does not require any personal information to allow its users to send and receive transactions. Additionally, it features lightning fast transactions, open sourced software, and eco-friendliness. In this system there are no miners, so no electricity is wasted on mining, but also without compromising network security.

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