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Let your customers pay with SC. Get Euro payouts or convert to Bitcoin.

About Siacoin

Sia Tech (SC), is a decentralized, distributed platform that powers cloud storage. Users can participate in two ways. One, they can rent out their hard drive space in exchange for Siacoins, and two, they can pay with the tokens to store data on the blockchain.

The primary benefit of using this method is to safely store the data in the cloud and have it in your private possession. This is achieved through encryption and fragmentation, which makes files inaccessible without your password.

Their long term vision is to overtake the internet storage needs. They can reach this by providing the cheapest, fastest, and safest platform. They are still in their initial phases, but in the future, they hope to become the primary storage layer for the entire planet.

For more information, check out their knowledge base.

Official Website:

How to accept Siacoin payments on your website?

CoinGate makes it easy to receive customer payments in most popular cryptocurrencies, including Siacoin. To make it simple for merchants, all received payments are automatically settled to EUR/USD or to BTC, depending on your preference.

To integrate our payment gateway on your website, choose either:

To get started with accepting Siacoin as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin and other coins, first, sign up with CoinGate. Then, create API credentials if you are planning to use our e-commerce plugins or the API; if not, go ahead and create your first payment button.

If you wish to keep all your received payments in cryptocurrency (i.e. to receive payouts in Bitcoin), then no verification is usually needed to use CoinGate. For Euro or U.S. Dollar settlements, you will have to pass our simple merchant verification procedure by uploading your business documents and director's ID.

How it Works - Accept Siacoin Payments on Any Store

Payouts in Euros, U.S. Dollars or Bitcoin

Price tag

Step 1

You are selling a product or service in your store and set the price in a currency of your choice (for example 10€).

Best exchange choice

Step 2

We calculate how much bitcoins it is worth, in real-time, by selecting the best price from several Bitcoin exchanges.

User payment

Step 3

Your Customer pays with bitcoins and Altcoins.


Step 4

You receive 9.90€ (10€ - 1% processing fee).