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Swarm City (SWT), is a decentralized commerce platform that enables individuals to communicate and transact, without the help of third-parties. Built upon the Ethereum Platform, Swarm City extracts the safety and availability and transmits these qualities to their token SWT.

Their project consists of a few milestones they want to achieve in the development of the platform. Terminal, the first critical step in their project, is a decentralized wallet app, accessed by their homepage.

"Boardwalk" is the second extension of the platform, building on top of the wallet features to enable users to communicate and transact freely. The users can pay a small fee to have their request appear on a specific #hashtag. Other users can see their request, the offer for completion, and distance from the person in question.

Their third milestone is called "Storefront", which upon completion will enable individuals to craft their graphical user interface for their user profile. Their forums are the best place to reach out and talk to the community or the developers.

Official Website: