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Accept 0x ZRX Accept 0x ZRX

0xproject (ZRX), is a protocol for a decentralized exchange, based on the Ethereum platform. It enables the trustless exchange of standard ERC20 tokens and provides this capability to any decentralized application.

The protocol relies on Ethereum Smart Contracts to facilitate the exchange of tokens. These contracts are publicly available to developers for peer review. The real benefit of 0x is the fact that it creates a liquidity pool that dApps can access. The ability to access liquidity is a significant need for developers, as they want their new tokens to be tradeable after the initial distribution.

The application of decentralized governance platforms within the protocol increases the security and integrity of the base protocol when conducting updates. Ensuree that no dApp will find itself disconnected, 0x is a project that deserves the attention of crypto-developers.

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