Magento 2 Bitcoin Payment Method

CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 CoinGate Plugin

Sign up for CoinGate account at for production and for testing (sandbox) environment.

Please note, that for "Test" mode you must generate separate API credentials on API credentials generated on will not work for "Test" mode.

Installation via Composer

You can install Magento 2 CoinGate plugin via Composer. Run the following command in your terminal:

  1. Go to your Magento 2 root folder.

  2. Enter following commands to install plugin:

    composer require coingate/magento2-plugin

    Wait while dependencies are updated.

  3. Enter following commands to enable plugin:

    php bin/magento module:enable CoinGate_Merchant --clear-static-content
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Installation via Magento Marketplace

  1. Go to (you will have login and register on Magento Marketplace).

  2. “Purchase” the plugin (it is free, but it is called a “Purchase” by Magento Marketplace).

  3. Login to your Magento admin panel and go to System > Web Setup Wizard > Component Manager.

  4. Click "Sign in to sync your Magento Marketplace purchases" (to generate the public and private keys needed for signin - login to your Magento Marketplace account, go to My Account > My Access Keys > Magento 2 and click Create A New Access Key).

  5. Click Sync, wait for Magento to sych your Marketplace purchases and click Install.

  6. Click Install next to coingate/magento2-plugin.

  7. Click Start Readiness Check > Next > Create Backup (optional) > Next > Install.

Plugin Configuration

Enable and configure CoinGate plugin in Magento Admin under Stores / Configuration / Sales / Payment Methods / Bitcoin via CoinGate.