Promote your business and get the most of bitcoin payments

Promote Your Business

The number of customers using Bitcoin to pay usually corresponds to how you are able to inform your customers of this new payment option - if no one knows about it, then no one will use it. That is why we recommend putting a “Bitcoin accepted here” logo on your website (the usual place is in the website’s footer and / or near other payment services logos). Here are several of the most popular logos you can use:

Social Media

Let your followers know that you accept Bitcoin on your social media accounts or a blog where you publish news about your business. We recommend writing a custom post, specifically tailored for your target market.



Use “Bitcoin accepted here” stickers in your retail (brick-and-mortar) business, which you can paste on your counter, entrance door, cash register, and other places. You can buy these stickers at


Add your retail (brick-and-mortar) business to an interactive map of businesses accepting Bitcoin around the world. You can do that here: (right click on the map where you want to place the marker and choose “Add venue”).

Bitcoin Community


If you wish to contact the general Bitcoin community, the biggest online Bitcoin communities can be found here:

Please read and follow the guidelines when posting on any website about your business - try to make your post unique and interesting, so that it does not come off as spam.

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