What is it?


XRP is the native currency of an open-source, distributed ledger database called XRP Ledger, which runs a digital payment platform by the name RippleNet. Created by Ripple, today XRP is a fast, less costly and very scalable alternative that is being developed to compete with both other digital assets and payment platforms like SWIFT.

The XRP ledger, also known as “ledger history”, is maintained by multiple independent validator nodes around the world that sustain the network by confirming every change using the Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA)--in simplest words, if all nodes agree on the same thing, transactions are processed. And, because all XRP tokens are pre-mined, the network boasts of quick verification times and secure, costless transactions.

While XRP ledger is super beneficial for facilitating international money transfers without currency conversion, or sourcing liquidity for banks and money service businesses, it is also very well optimized for casual everyday payments.

That’s one of the reasons why XRP cryptocurrency is being used as a currency for making or accepting online payments more often than ever before.

CoinGate not only allows to buy, sell or accept XRP but also provides ways to spend them casually.

Few simple steps and you’re done!

How to start accepting XRP?

You too can let your customers pay with xrp and other cryptos with a single invoice solution. Manage your payments from a dashboard, or give your team members roles to manage it for you. To make it simple for businesses, all received xrp payments are automatically settled to EUR/USD, BTC, USDT, Dai or other crypto assets, depending on the company’s choice.


Sign up for CoinGate account

When logged in, select whether you are a trader or a company.


Verify your account

Choose to go through a full verification or use simplified KYC to speed up the process.


Use ready-made e-commerce integrations, recurring billing, payment buttons, POS or a powerful API.


Set it and forget it

Once the integration is complete, set up payout currencies and payout addresses, then relax - we’ll take over from here.

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SEPA bank transfer

Make a SEPA bank payment to buy or other cryptocurrencies, such as and more.

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Want to buy XRP instead?

We offer several options for purchasing cryptocurrencies to fit everyone’s needs.

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