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We aim to spread adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.

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When you refer a new customer to CoinGate, you’ll earn up to 10% of their purchases.

We’re thrilled you’re showing interest in becoming our affiliate. Your curiosity is yet another proof that cryptocurrencies are becoming inseparable from people’s daily lives and are here to stay.

Our goal always was to contribute to this process in any way we can, which is why we offer so many different services for crypto enthusiasts. But another way to contribute is also to include you and everyone else looking for an opportunity to do the same and allow earning in the process.

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Get commissions from every gift card sale.

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pply to our program and after approval, you will be able to promote CoinGate Gift Card Shop. Get access to our promotional assets and Impact tracking software.

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Link to CoinGate’s Gift Card Shop in articles, create new content in video or text reviews, place our ads or create your video integrations.

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Earn commission everytime when a new customer buys gift cards in CoinGate Gift Card Shop through your promotions.

Who we are

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At CoinGate, we develop blockchain-friendly tools and act as a gateway bridge between traditional and decentralized markets. Striving to become a one-in-all platform for all things crypto, our team has launched several different services to get closer to this goal.

People call us many things: a crypto payment processor, a trading platform, a gift card store, and they’re all right. In fact, our company has grown three-fold over the last few years and is set to become even more than that. Working together towards broader adoption of cryptocurrency use is what drives us forward, and you can join our cause by partnering with us as an affiliate and offer popular gift cards for cryptocurrencies.

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Join CoinGate Affiliate program

We aim to spread adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.

Become An Affiliate