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Expand your reach and boost your brand sales by listing your gift cards on the gift card marketplace.

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Increase your sales by listing your brand in the gift card marketplace

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We provide a platform for businesses to sell their gift cards directly to the end client. We can list your brand in our own gift card store or distribute your branded gift card across our network of partners.

We are trusted by 2000+ brands and provide gift card distribution services to brands like NordVPN, Proton, Eneba and more.

Benefits of joining the gift card marketplace

Reach outstanding business results

Increase exposure of your brand

Distributing gift cards through our marketplace gives you access to new a customer base. Increase your brand awareness and generate sales straight away.

Maintain full control over your brand

You will have the ability to set your own prices, and visual representation and manage distribution partners.

Easy integration and distribution processes of your gift card

We support various ways of distributing your gift card. We accepted gift cards in codes, PDFs and etc.

Start distributing your branded gift cards through CoinGate

Trust your brand to CoinGate

Our passionate team is driven by the goal of promoting gift cards to a wider audience and we'd love for you to join us in this exciting endeavour by becoming a partner and offering popular gift cards through our network. We have been trusted by thousands of brands and don’t hesitate to join us too.

List your Brand on our gift card marketplace

Start collecting sales from increased brand awareness and distribution of gift cards.

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