About CoinGate

CoinGate is a Lithuanian-based fintech company founded in 2014. The payment gateway offers cryptocurrency payment processing services for businesses of any sizes. Permission-based account management, fiat payouts to the bank account and brand new email billing feature are just a few reasons why CoinGate has become a go-to payment processor for many.

The company brings cryptocurrencies closer to mass adoption by offering several methods to set up cryptocurrency payments for any website or physical store. Options include payment buttons, web PoS application, API integration and official plugins for the biggest e-commerce platforms.

Besides merchant services, CoinGate also provides a platform for buying and selling numerous crypto-assets with a single payment. Customers can choose from such purchasing methods like credit/debit cards, SEPA bank transfer or mobile balance, or sell their coins for fiat.


Our milestones

April 2021

Spanish-translated version of the website

Coingate is bringing support for more languages, starting with Spanish-translated version of the page.

September 2021

Merchants can accept more than 70 cryptocurrencies

Dodge coin, XPR and BTCV coin came into Coingate listed cryptos through the first half of 2021. Now 79 new digital assets are available to be accepted for merchants using CoinGate’s services.

Meet our team

People who make the gears turn

Core Team
Sales and Marketing
Compliance and Support
Operations, HR and Business development

Dmitrijus Borisenka

CEO & Co-Founder

Dmitrijus is the CEO & Co-Founder of CoinGate and a proud owner of the English bulldog named Poka. He’s also a man that can turn any activity into a hardcore challenge, which leads him to do things like a marathon in North Korea, Ironman triathlon, stuff like that. His other known passions are electronic music and luring employees into Jiu-Jitsu gym to throw them around.

Jonas Gilys

CFO & Co-Founder

Adventure seeker, world explorer, an untamed spirit, the man on the road with one leg shorter than the other, Jonas is one of the company's three founders. He’s hard not to like - very chill, very approachable, very smart, once skipped school for two months without any consequences. That says a lot about a person.

Irmantas Bačiulis

Lead Developer & Co-Founder

Irmantas not only co-founded the company. He was the one to write the first line of code that started CoinGate. Irmantas is still doing his coding shenanigans to this day when he’s not focused on learning all tactics of chess and beating Magnus Carlsen on a virtual chess simulator. Not like Queen’s Gambit TV show has anything to do with it.

Rytis Bieliauskas


Do you know Satoshi, the mysterious person who wrote the Bitcoin white paper? Rytis is the closest thing that you will ever find. Computer security, social engineering and cryptography are great conversation starters if you’d try to befriend this proud Bitcoin maximalist. And he wanted to become a psychologist back in the day. Imagine that.

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