Accept Crypto Payments From Binance Pay Users

Reach more customers by allowing millions of Binance Pay users to spend cryptocurrencies at your store using any wallet assets in the Binance Pay app.

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What is Binance Pay?

Binance Pay is a mobile app that allows sending and receiving cryptocurrencies from a mobile device in a simple, borderless, and secure way. We have partnered with Binance Pay to seamlessly bridge the gap between Binance Pay users and CoinGate merchants.

Unleashing the power of crypto

Benefits Of Accepting Payments With Binance Pay



Available via standard integrations or API (coming soon)



Instant payment confirmations for all cryptocurrencies



Fraud monitoring 100% covered by Binance Pay



No expired, overpaid or underpaid orders guaranteed

How Binance Pay Payment Method Works On CoinGate

  • Choose the CoinGate payment option at the checkout page.

  • Opt for the Binance Pay option on the invoice.

  • When redirected to the app, select the cryptocurrency to pay.

  • Finalize the payment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accepting Binance Pay Payments

How to accept cryptocurrency payments from Binance Pay users?

First, sign up for a CoinGate business account and pass the verification. When your business is verified, select an integration method and set it up. The Binance Pay option will be enabled by default when the integration is done. You can then accept various cryptocurrency payments hassle-free. You also have an option turn it off at any time on your account dashboard.

What cryptocurrencies can Binance Pay users spend at CoinGate merchant stores?

Here, Binance Pay users can pay any cryptocurrency they have in their Binance wallet.

How much does it cost to accept crypto payments from Binance Pay users?

An additional 0.3% fee will be applied for shoppers to payments facilitated by Binance Pay.

Is having a Binance Pay payment method worth it?

Considering that Binance Pay has tens of millions of users, having the Binance Pay payment method integrated with your crypto currency payment gateway might encourage more people to buy your product or service.