a service that allows you to send instant crypto bills and receive cryptocurrency payments

Send crypto bills anywhere, anytime, instantly

Request payments in 70+ cryptocurrencies from your customers or B2B partners worldwide with instant or recurring email billing.

Billing works like this:

Creating a contact for email bill via CoinGate account dashboard

Create a contact

Add a new contact or pick one from your list of previous bill receivers.

Adding payment details to the cryptocurrency bill

Fill in payment details

You can make a whole product list and reuse the same payment info for different contacts.

Sending crypto bills via email or link with QR code

Send via email or link

Connect both to form a bill. Share it via the link or send through our email service. Learn more.

Enabling recurring email billing for subscription-based business models

Make it automatic

Add a schedule to form recurring payment requests for your subscribers. Learn more.

Choose a plan

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Premium Plan

8 EUR/month

Game controller

Premium Plan

12 EUR/month

Select a user









Your bill

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Joe's Premium Plan

User: Joe Smith

Email: joe@email.com

Service: Premium Plan monthly subscription

Total: 8 EUR/month

End-to-end recurring email billing

You can use billing service in various ways

Simplicity, convenience, swiftness and low service cost make this crypto payment solution fit any business case.

An end-to-end email crypto bill useful in business-to-business (B2B) transactions

Send custom crypto bills to partners, suppliers and service providers from a dedicated dashboard. Request payments in Bitcoin and 70+ other cryptocurrencies, automatically exchange to whatever currency you want.

A billing option that enables businesses to accept over 50 cryptos

Accept +70 cryptocurrencies with a single invoice

Each bill you send provides over 50 cryptocurrency options to pay for it, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Collect cryptocurrency payments and convert them to fiat or other virtual assets

Settle funds to Euros, Bitcoin, stablecoins & more

You can convert all collected coins into other assets and send them to a personal bank account or crypto wallet.

Set permissions to other team members by giving them specific roles to manage account

Build your company’s payment rails with your team

Invite team members and give them permissions to manage separate areas of your CoinGate business account.