Accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments

Accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments or other cryptocurrencies with a flexible and multi-functional crypto payment processor for e-commerce websites.

  • Payouts to a bank account

  • Industry-leading refund system

  • Desirable cryptocurrencies to accept

  • Only 1% processing fee

  • Integrations with API, plugins, billing, PoS and more

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Get paid in Bitcoin Cash with a powerful API, e-commerce plugins, email billing, and other solutions for collecting payments. Enjoy the benefits of converting funds to a local fiat currency.


From one-click setup to custom Bitcoin Cash integrations

CoinGate’s Bitcoin Cash payment solutions are tailored for each and every type of business. Install a simple payment plugin within minutes, send bills manually, or use a programmable API for building custom-made integrations with our BCH payment gateway – whatever works best for you


Bitcoin Cash Payment Sandbox

Test how to receive BCH payments in a safe environment.


Bitcoin Cash Payment Plugins

Accept BCH payments with using plugins and extensions developed for mainstream e-commerce platforms.


Code libraries

Get familiar with CoinGate’s API and its vast capabilities for BCH payments.

It’s all automated

Bitcoin Cash withdrawals made simple

Adjust withdrawals to your liking.


Convert Bitcoin Cash to fiat currency

BCH payments can be exchanged to EUR or GBP and sent to your bank account.


Settle Bitcoin Cash to another crypto

If you want payouts in BTC or other coins when you get BCH, simply change your payout settings.


Keep Bitcoin Cash in its original form

Withdraw your collected BCH payments into your BCH wallet.

solutions for e-commerce

Bitcoin Cash payment plugins from CoinGate

Why accept Bitcoin Cash payments?

Here’s what our clients say about using Bitcoin Cash payment gateway.

“Aspects of CoinGate that we value: simple and functional dashboard, ease of currency conversion, wide coverage of crypto, great customer support.”

Laurynas Zabulis

Head of Finance, Surfshark


“CoinGate provides both a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and a seamless payment workflow that allows the user to complete transactions seamlessly. And all of this is delivered with a flawless user interface”

Gediminas Griska

Head of Payments, Hostinger


“With the help of CoinGate we have increased our conversion rates and attracted more customers who value privacy and prefer crypto payments.”

Vaidas Rutkauskas

CEO, Cherry servers

Cherry servers

How to accept Bitcoin Cash?

1. Create a business account at CoinGate 2. Pass the verification process 3. Select and enable a preferred payment integration method 4. Provide your BCH wallet or other payout (withdrawal) address 5. Collect Bitcoin Cash and other crypto payments automatically


Accept payments in BCH and other cryptocurrencies

Besides Bitcoin Cash, our payment solution also allows accepting other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Cardano, and other options.

VeChain (VET)
Internet Computer (ICP)
Polkadot (DOT)
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)
Chainlink (LINK)
Bitcoin (BTC)
UniSwap (UNI)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Stellar (XLM)

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about accepting BCH payments

    What is Bitcoin Cash?

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that originated from a fork of Bitcoin, specifically engineered to facilitate faster and more cost-effective transactions. As a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, it seeks to improve upon the original Bitcoin framework by expanding the block size limits.
    This significant enhancement allows for the quicker processing of a larger volume of transactions, thereby optimizing scalability and efficiency in the digital marketplace.

    Why accept Bitcoin Cash for payments?

    Accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a payment method offers a host of compelling advantages for businesses aiming to boost efficiency and expand their global reach. One of the primary benefits is the significantly lower transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods, which can result in substantial cost savings for both the business and its customers.
    Plus, Bitcoin Cash grants access to the global digital economy, enabling businesses to easily transact across borders without the usual constraints and fees associated with international banking.

    Why get paid in Bitcoin Cash?

    Receiving payment in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) provides several compelling advantages, including minimal transaction fees, swift processing speeds, and user-friendly operation.
    BCH streamlines peer-to-peer payments and facilitates smooth cross-border transactions, making it an appealing choice for both individuals and businesses seeking efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their financial operations.

    What exactly is Bitcoin Cash payment gateway?

    A Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payment gateway empowers businesses to accept BCH as a form of payment, providing a secure and efficient transaction process. These gateways not only ensure the safe processing of transactions but also offer the flexibility to convert BCH into fiat currencies or other digital assets as needed.
    This capability facilitates smooth and seamless payments, enhancing the payment experience for both merchants and their customers by integrating advanced financial technology seamlessly into everyday business operations.

    What companies accept Bitcoin Cash for payments?

    Many businesses across diverse sectors, especially in e-commerce, crypto, technology, internet and online services, accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a payment option. Notable examples include prominent online retail stores, travel booking websites, and various technology services that benefit from BCH’s rapid transaction capabilities and minimal fees.
    These attributes make BCH an optimal choice for companies looking to enhance transaction efficiency and reduce costs, thus improving the overall customer purchasing experience.

    How safe are payments made on the Bitcoin Cash network?

    Payments made on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network are highly secure, bolstered by the robust blockchain technology that underpins it. This technology guarantees a high level of transparency and security, safeguarding transactions against unauthorized access and fraud.
    For optimal security, it is advisable for users to utilize reputable digital wallets and adhere to established security best practices.

    What business benefits most of Bitcoin Cash payments?

    Businesses engaged in e-commerce, digital services, and international trade stand to gain substantially from incorporating Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into their payment systems. The cryptocurrency’s low transaction fees and rapid processing capabilities significantly enhance the customer experience by providing quick and cost-effective payment options.
    Additionally, BCH excels in facilitating smooth and efficient cross-border transactions, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to expand their global reach and streamline international operations.

    Is accepting BCH payments legal?

    Accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a form of payment is legal across numerous jurisdictions, although the specific regulations governing its use can differ significantly from one region to another. To ensure full legal compliance, businesses considering BCH for transaction purposes should conduct a thorough review of the relevant local laws and regulatory requirements.

    Can my company accept Bitcoin Cash payments?

    Your company can seamlessly integrate Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into its payment system by partnering with cryptocurrency payment gateways or platforms that facilitate BCH transactions. This integration not only enhances the efficiency and security of digital payments but also broadens your customer base by catering to crypto-savvy consumers.
    Adopting BCH payments can provide a competitive edge, offering faster transaction times and reduced processing fees, which can lead to a more streamlined, cost-effective financial operation for your business.

    How to get paid in Bitcoin Cash?

    To start receiving payments in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), individuals or businesses should first establish a BCH wallet and share its address with their clients or customers. Alternatively, they can incorporate a specialized payment gateway that supports BCH into their transaction systems. Either method ensures transactions are both secure and efficient.

    Can I pay with Bitcoin Cash?

    Absolutely, you can use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for payments across a wide array of merchants, particularly those in e-commerce, crypto, and online services sectors.
    Due to its low transaction fees and rapid processing speeds, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is an excellent payment method for both domestic and international transactions.
    This makes it an appealing option for shoppers looking for a quick, cost-effective, and efficient way to make purchases online while offering the flexibility to transact globally without the usual delays or high costs associated with traditional banking.

    How to accept Bitcoin Cash donations?

    Accepting donations in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is straightforward and secure. Organizations or individuals looking to receive BCH contributions can simply share their BCH wallet address with donors. Alternatively, they can integrate their systems with donation platforms that specifically support Bitcoin Cash.
    This will ensure that contributions are not only secure but also conveniently processed, and allows donors to easily support their chosen causes with minimal hassle.