The Ultimate Solution For Crypto Refunds

Equip yourself with the ability to refund customers who make payments in cryptocurrencies. It’s fast, versatile, and hassle-free – just like it’s supposed to be.

Refunding Cryptocurrencies Made Easy


Reimburse customers from the user dashboard or via API

Issue a refund in a matter of minutes directly from the GUI, or connect to the API endpoint and do it your way.


Issue refunds in any currency using funds in your balance

Send your customers their money back in any currency they want using currencies you have in your balance.


Execute full or partial refunds without intermediaries

Discover benefits of refunding cryptocurrency payments from the same system that collects them.

Refund Issuance Fee 0,25 EUR per issued refund
Conversion Fee 0.1% from converted amount (*Applied only when a refunded currency differs from a currency used to issue a refund.)

Start Accepting Crypto Today!

  • 70+ cryptocurrencies available to accept;

  • Instant order confirmations;

  • Automatic refunds for unsuccessful payments or overpayments;

  • Accept slight underpayments;

  • Conversion of collected crypto to fiat into a bank account (optional);

  • Multiple payout & withdrawal options;

  • Dedicated dashboard to track and manage orders;

  • Quick, free and straightforward setup.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    What’s a merchant refund at CoinGate?

    Merchant refund is a feature of CoinGate payment gateway that gives merchants tools for issuing, tracking, and managing refunds from user dashboard or by connecting via API.

    Why should a merchant use a cryptocurrency refund feature?

    CoinGate’s refund system greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of returning money to customers who made payments in cryptocurrencies, compared to old ways of doing it. This feature is exceptionally helpful for companies that offer a money-back guarantee policy to their customers.

    How does a merchant refund work at CoinGate?

    Here’s how the system works:

    For example, a customer pays the order for a VPS service using LTC valued at 10 EUR, but weeks later, he ends up dissatisfied with the service and asks for his money back.

    Communication occurs directly between the shopper and the merchant, where a customer provides the merchant with the necessary information, such as a currency he wishes to receive (it can be another currency and not necessarily LTC), a wallet address, and a type of blockchain network. After both parties exchange information, the merchant simply logs into his CoinGate account, fills out a refund form associated with the order that needs to be refunded, and initiates a transaction request.

    What’s a refund form and where do I find it?

    A refund form is a tool that allows merchants to issue refund orders paid in full if a customer contacts the merchant directly.

    To issue a refund, the merchant has to fill out a refund form at the ‘Merchant > Orders’ tab on a menu dashboard (or click here) by clicking on order about to be refunded.

    What do I need to be able to issue a refund?

    The only requirement is to have funds available in your balance that could be deducted for refunding purposes. See this article for a step-by-step guide for topping-up your account balance.

    Is there anything a customer must do to receive a refund?

    Besides providing necessary information, a customer must also confirm the refund request via email once the merchant fills out a refund form to ensure that the refund details are correct.

    How is the refund amount calculated?

    It is calculated based on the initial price of merchandise and the current exchange rate of cryptocurrency that’s been used to pay by the customer.

    That means if the service or product costs 10 EUR, the merchant can enter up to 10 EUR as the refund amount. The entered amount will be converted to a cryptocurrency a customer wants to get back using its current exchange rate.

    Is it possible to issue partial refunds?

    Yes, it’s possible.