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Amid the #Bitcoin #HardFork talks, here is our explanation of the issue at hand for our less technical customers.…

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In our experience CoinGate are reliable, very savvy and focused on security and service. Integration is seamless and setup is easy: customers are happy with the simple, intuitive and rapid payment process, and we see this in increased purchases. We especially appreciated that payouts are quick and multi-currency.

We had no wonder that bitcoins were so popular among our clients. Now there is no doubt that this kind of payment is one of our favorite.

Virtual currency Bitcoin gives our clients more flexibility paying for our services - now they are able to do it simply using their smartphone. Why Bitcoin? It is convenient, and also we save the fees which we have to pay when our clients are paying with credit cards.

At first I was sceptical about this idea, but the results were quite surprising. It appears that among the people interested in our salon there are a lot of people preferring to pay with bitcoins. We had many new customers, who visited our salon only because we started accepting Bitcoin.

Cold StorageThe vast majority of bitcoins held by CoinGate are stored in Cold Storage.
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