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Frequently asked questions:

In order to accept payments in cryptocurrency, you'll need to set up wallets for every coin you want to accept and establish a checkout process. Alternatively, you can use a 3rd party payment gateway to collect crypto payments for you and take advantage of multiple other tools. Learn how to accept crypto payments with a crypto payment processor CoinGate.
When at checkout, select the cryptocurrency you want to use for payment. Next, open your wallet and scan the QR code or copy and paste the receiving wallet's address manually. Enter the requested amount and finalize the payment. Make sure that the coins are being sent to the appropriate blockchain network (e.g., ERC20 tokens should be sent to the Ethereum Network only, BEP20 tokens to Binance Smart Chain (BSC), etc.).
There are several advantages of accepting cryptocurrency payments. These include faster payments, lower transaction costs, no risk of chargebacks, a broader spectrum of customers, and more. Learn all the reasons why getting paid in crypto is worth considering.