Accept Cardano (ADA) payments

Accept Cardano (ADA) payments or other cryptocurrencies with a flexible and multi-functional crypto payment processor for e-commerce websites.

  • Payouts to a bank account

  • Industry-leading refund system

  • Desirable cryptocurrencies to accept

  • Only 1% processing fee

  • Integrations with API, plugins, billing, PoS and more

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Get paid in Cardano with a powerful API, e-commerce plugins, email billing, and other solutions for collecting payments. Enjoy the benefits of converting funds to a local fiat currency.


From one-click setup to custom Cardano integrations

CoinGate’s Cardano payment solutions are tailored for each and every type of business. Install a simple payment plugin within minutes, send bills manually, or use a programmable API for building custom-made integrations with our ADA payment gateway – whatever works best for you


Cardano Payment Sandbox

Test how to receive ADA payments in a safe environment.


Cardano Payment Plugins

Accept ADA payments with using plugins and extensions developed for mainstream e-commerce platforms.


Code libraries

Get familiar with CoinGate’s API and its vast capabilities for ADA payments.

It’s all automated

Cardano withdrawals made simple

Adjust withdrawals to your liking.


Convert Cardano to fiat currency

ADA payments can be exchanged to EUR or GBP and sent to your bank account.


Settle Cardano to another crypto

If you want payouts in BTC or other coins when you get ADA, simply change your payout settings.


Keep Cardano in its original form

Withdraw your collected ADA payments into your ADA wallet.

solutions for e-commerce

Cardano payment plugins from CoinGate

Why accept Cardano payments?

Here’s what our clients say about using Cardano payment gateway.

“Aspects of CoinGate that we value: simple and functional dashboard, ease of currency conversion, wide coverage of crypto, great customer support.”

Laurynas Zabulis

Head of Finance, Surfshark


“CoinGate provides both a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and a seamless payment workflow that allows the user to complete transactions seamlessly. And all of this is delivered with a flawless user interface”

Gediminas Griska

Head of Payments, Hostinger


“With the help of CoinGate we have increased our conversion rates and attracted more customers who value privacy and prefer crypto payments.”

Vaidas Rutkauskas

CEO, Cherry servers

Cherry servers

How to accept Cardano?

1. Create a business account at CoinGate 2. Pass the verification process 3. Select and enable a preferred payment integration method 4. Provide your ADA wallet or other payout (withdrawal) address 5. Collect Cardano and other crypto payments automatically


Accept payments in ADA and other cryptocurrencies

Besides Cardano, our payment solution also allows accepting other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Cardano, and other options.

VeChain (VET)
Internet Computer (ICP)
Polkadot (DOT)
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)
Chainlink (LINK)
Bitcoin (BTC)
UniSwap (UNI)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Stellar (XLM)

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about accepting ADA payments

    What is Cardano?

    Cardano is distinguished as one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, and is engineered as an advanced iteration of the Ethereum concept. It features a highly flexible, sustainable, and scalable blockchain platform that is tailor-made for running smart contracts.
    This sophisticated infrastructure supports the development of a diverse array of applications, including decentralized finance (DeFi) apps, new cryptocurrency tokens, games, and other digital innovations.
    The native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain is ADA, analogous to how ETH operates on the Ethereum blockchain. ADA is available for purchase and sale on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Why accept Cardano for payments?

    Accepting Cardano (ADA) offers benefits such as low transaction fees, fast processing times, and access to a global digital economy. Additionally, it allows businesses to engage with a vibrant ecosystem of decentralized applications and blockchain technology, enhancing business potential and customer satisfaction.

    Why get paid in Cardano?

    Receiving payments in Cardano (ADA) provides several strategic advantages, primarily due to its low transaction costs and rapid processing capabilities. These features make ADA an appealing option for efficient financial operations, especially suitable for businesses and individuals looking for a cost-effective and swift means of transaction.
    Beyond the operational benefits, holding ADA allows individuals to actively participate in the governance of the Cardano network.

    What exactly is Cardano payment gateway?

    The Cardano (ADA) payment gateway is a specialized service that allows merchants to accept ADA, the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain.
    This gateway acts as an intermediary, ensuring that transactions are processed securely and efficiently. It facilitates the conversion of ADA into fiat currencies or other digital assets, according to the needs of the business, streamlining the payment process.

    What companies accept Cardano for payments?

    A diverse range of companies, particularly those operating within the technology sector, online services, and the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, have started accepting Cardano (ADA) as a form of payment. This adoption is driven by ADA’s reputation for efficiency and relatively low transaction fees.
    Specifically, online retailers are increasingly integrating ADA into their payment systems to cater to a broader, more crypto-savvy customer base. Digital content providers, including platforms that offer streaming services, digital downloads, and subscriptions, also accept ADA to provide flexible payment options to their users.

    How safe are payments made on the Cardano network?

    Payments conducted on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain are highly secure, largely due to the blockchain’s adoption of a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. This mechanism not only ensures greater energy efficiency but also enhances security by distributing the process of validating transactions across a network of stakeholders.
    This decentralized validation process increases transparency and significantly reduces the risk of fraud.

    What business benefits most of Cardano payments?

    Businesses engaged in digital services, decentralized finance (DeFi), and international commerce stand to gain significantly from integrating Cardano (ADA) into their payment and transaction systems.
    Cardano’s appeal stems from its low transaction fees, which can dramatically reduce costs for high-volume businesses or those dealing in microtransactions. This feature is particularly advantageous in the competitive digital services industry where minimizing operational costs is crucial.

    Is accepting ADA payments legal?

    Yes, accepting Cardano (ADA) as a form of payment is legal in many jurisdictions around the world. However, the legal status and regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies, including ADA, can vary significantly from one region to another.
    To ensure compliance and avoid any legal issues, businesses are advised to thoroughly research and understand the specific legal frameworks and regulatory requirements applicable to cryptocurrencies in their respective areas.

    Can my company accept Cardano payments?

    Yes, your company can certainly accept Cardano (ADA) as a form of payment.
    To do so, you would need to integrate with cryptocurrency payment gateways or platforms that support transactions in ADA. These gateways facilitate the process by providing the necessary infrastructure to handle ADA payments securely and efficiently.
    Integrating with a crypto payment gateway offers several benefits. It ensures that transactions are processed quickly and securely, leveraging the blockchain technology underlying ADA for added security and transparency.

    How to get paid in Cardano?

    Receiving payments in Cardano (ADA) is straightforward and can be accomplished through a couple of secure methods.
    Individuals or businesses wishing to accept ADA can start by sharing their ADA wallet address with their clients or customers. This approach allows for direct transfer of funds into their wallet, facilitating an immediate and secure method of payment.

    Can I pay with Cardano?

    Yes, you can use Cardano (ADA) for payments at numerous merchants, especially those within the technology and digital sectors. Cardano is favored by many businesses for its low transaction fees and rapid processing capabilities, which are essential attributes for online transactions. This makes ADA a particularly appealing option for consumers looking for a quick, cost-effective, and efficient way to make purchases online.

    How to accept Cardano donations?

    Accepting Cardano (ADA) as a form of payment or donation is straightforward and can be implemented in a couple of ways. Organizations or individuals can begin by sharing their ADA wallet address with payers.
    This direct method allows funds to be transferred securely from one wallet to another, ensuring that the transactions are both private and secure.