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EKART ZABEEL gift card

EKART ZABEEL gift card

EKART ZABEEL is an innovative entertainment company that offers a variety of exciting experiences for its customers. From thrilling rides to immersive shows, this company is dedicated to providing unforgettable moments for all who visit. What sets EKART ZABEEL apart is their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest technology. They recently started accepting cryptocurrency as payment for their gift cards, partnering with CoinGate to make the process seamless and secure. Customers can now conveniently purchase EKART ZABEEL gift cards using their preferred cryptocurrency, making it easier than ever to share the thrill of their experiences with friends and loved ones. Also we accept Visa and Mastercard credit / debit cards!

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Frequently asked questions:

Once the payment is confirmed, please make sure to recheck all your inboxes (spam, promotions, socials, or other folders), if you have received a gift card. If you haven’t received gift cards, please contact us directly and our customer support agents will check your order.
One of the most common reasons why the payment was not accepted is that CoinGate received money after the invoice expired. In such situations, we can either refund your payment or accept the order, if possible.
If such a situation occurs, please contact the support team and they will check your order.
In case redeem code is not accepted at the online store, please contact the store directly and they will be able to assist your inquiry. If the store didn't resolve the issue with code in the first place, please contact our support here.
In-store gift cards can be only redeemed in the selected regions. For gift cards that can be redeemed online, you still might be able to purchase goods with gift cards even if you are not in that country if the brand supports it. Please refer to Redeem instructions and Terms and Conditions of the particular brand in each case.
We would also advise using a VPN with the location matching gift cards region once you are redeeming the online gift card.
CoinGate Gift Cards operations are being executed by UAB Rewards distributed. Read more.