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Earn passive income with the CoinGate referral program

Refer businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments through CoinGate and receive 20% of our service fee forever.

Create a Referral Link

How does it work?

Sign up, create a referral link and share it.

Each time your referred business makes a sale through the CoinGate payment option, you get a cut from our profit. It’s that simple.
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Everyone wins

Benefits of CoinGate referrals

You earn 20% of CoinGate’s fee collected from payment processing

No limit to how many businesses you can invite!

A referred business gets a 10% discount on processing fees for the first 3 months

Worth your time

Get your passive income going

Lifetime rewards

Get one-fifth of our commission for as long as the business process payments through CoinGate.

Monthly payouts

Receive your accumulated rewards each month automatically.

Get paid in Euros

Receive payouts in Euros straight to your provided bank account (min. of 50 EUR).

Monthly reports

Get your referral performance reports to your email once a month.

We’re here to help

Have questions?

Please fill out the form to reach out to us with any questions that you might have about our referral program.