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White Label Crypto Payment Solution for Brands and PSPs

Last updated: February 28, 2024 4 min read

Vilius Barbaravičius

For merchants with distinct brand identity and licensed Payment Service Providers (PSPs) looking to offer a unique payment experience, the answer may lie in CoinGate’s white label solution that’s not just robust but also highly customizable. 

CoinGate’s white label solution offers merchants and PSPs an unique proposition of a comprehensive, tailor-made crypto payment system designed to meet the ever-growing, intricate needs of brands and operations.

It’s your opportunity to utilize our system’s backend with your unique frontend and make the most out of crypto payment processing. 

What Sets CoinGate’s White Label Solution Apart?

When it comes to payment processing, the term ‘API integration’ is often thrown around as a one-size-fits-all solution. 

But in reality, an API only offers a basic skeleton, lacking the muscle and skin required for a full-fledged, specialized payment gateway. 

CoinGate’s white label solution is that full package, fleshed out with advanced features designed to meet the unique demands of any brand or PSP.

Let’s go over some of those features. A more detailed and extensive explanation of CoinGate’s API functionality can also be found in our API documentation

Advanced AML Triggers

Security in financial transactions is paramount. However, complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations can be a complex task that requires specialized know-how to distinguish between suspicious activities and legitimate transactions. 

CoinGate’s white label solution comes equipped with an advanced AML program, real-time wallet checks and much more, ensuring compliance with regulations and robust security measures.

Customizable Payment Flow

Imagine a payment journey that mirrors your brand’s aesthetics, language, and nuances. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? 

CoinGate’s white label solution allows you to create that payment flow customizable down to the smallest details, and keep the payment process on your own domain, in your own backend.

The absence of CoinGate’s branding will create a space for you to make a cohesive, uninterrupted style and experience of your own.

Virtual Ledgers for Advanced Accounting

Financial management in today’s digital landscape goes beyond simple bookkeeping. Our white label solution offers the functionality of virtual ledgers – a convenient way for you to differentiate among your clients and their transactions.

In addition, it allows you to maintain sub-accounts for different operational needs, thus streamlining accounting processes. However, this particular feature for white labels is available to the PSPs only.

In general, our white label solution for PSPs has more extensive functionality and advanced tools in their disposal. If interested, please contact our team to get a detailed presentation. 

Crypto Refunds and Other Advanced API Functionalities

An API’s basic function is to enable interaction between different software applications. But why stop at basics when you can have so much more? 

Our white-label offering comes with an expanded API functionality that includes hiding the payment flow, issuing cryptocurrency refunds, tracking underpayments or overpayments, executing mass payouts, and more. 

This eliminates the need to juggle between multiple platforms, offering everything you need in a single, integrated and highly customizable solution.

Why merchants and PSPs Should Opt for CoinGate’s White Label Solution

The decision between opting for a regular API integration and a white label solution boils down to your business goals. 

If your objective is to offer a premium, secure, customizable, and increasingly favorable payment experience that can adapt to various compliance landscapes and financial complexities, then our white label solution is the optimal choice.

After all, the digital payment landscape is evolving, and staying ahead requires more than just basic functionalities. 

CoinGate’s white label solution offers a comprehensive set of features tailored for both merchants with distinct brands and licensed PSPs, everything from enhanced security measures to advanced blockchain tools. 

Take the Next Step

Are you ready to break free from the constraints of generic payment solutions? Contact us today to explore the manifold benefits of CoinGate’s white label solution, or go straight to registering an account with us.

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