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The Halloween Afterparty Discounts & Exclusive Offers Continue!

Last updated: November 3, 2023 3 min read

Vilius Barbaravičius

When the jack-o’-lanterns dim and the ghouls retreat, exclusive deals and discounts continue to linger for quite some time.

The still-spooky Halloween Afterparty at CoinGate brims with exclusive offers and discounts ready for the taking throughout the November, from merchants who favor the cryptic allure of your cryptocurrency. 


🌑 In the ghostly silence, VPSnet whispers an offer from the darkness: a shocking 50% discount on any VPS server plan for those daring enough to claim a server for 3 months until November 13. 

Whisper back the promo code: Pumpkin50 at VPSnet.

🌒 Evolution Host haunts the realm of VPS hosting, game servers, and ddos protection with an offer exclusive to the CoinGate coven – 15% off for any VPS plan! 

Enter the arcane code: COINGATE into the “Promotional Code” field—if you dare. The spirits await at Evolution Host.

🌓 IPRoyal spins a web of deceitfully good deals on proxy services. 

Our special enchantment adds an additional 3% discount to the bulk purchase, meaning you can conjure up to a 78% discount for those who buy 10TB or more of Royal Residential Proxies data. 

Dare to commune the code ‘COINGATE3’ at IPRoyal.

🌔 Through the mist, ThunderProxies offers a guiding light—a 7% discount on ALL purchases with crypto! 

Only those who use the promo code ‘Coingate’ can harness the storm. Whisper it to oracles at ThunderProxies.

🌕 RJ Network’s shadows offer a one-time 20% salvation for your first payment for their array of IT services (though SSL certificates and domains remain shrouded from this deal). 

Redeem with code: COINGATE1023 until the end of November’s waning crescent at RJ Network.

🌖 Virtono Networks cloud hosting services are out of this world, and they’re giving you a 30% lifetime recurring discount for all services when you pay with crypto via CoinGate. 

Use a coupon code ‘COINGATE3023’ when stepping your foot into Virtono Networks.

🌗 At Friendhosting, the spirits convene to bestow a 30% discount upon those who enter the incantation while ordering their mystical hosting services. 

Conjure your savings with a promo code ‘magic2023’ at Friendhosting.

🌘 MadMechatronic Code Works unveils a bargain, granting 30% off all subscriptions paid with the ancient art of crypto. 

Unveil the secrets with the code GHO-KV7XR-ST-W9zSQ-EALTH at Laabsdev.

🌑 Lastly, the shocks with a sliced price of 50% off for dedicated servers for the first month. But be quick, the offer lasts only until November 4th!

Speak code ‘spooky23’ to take advantage of this bargain at

Only when the deals are exhausted is when the spirits will rest. But beware, more exclusive offers and discounts might plague the neverending Halloween Afterparty! If you stick around, you’ll see.

Written by:

Vilius Barbaravičius

Vilius is a seasoned copywriter and bitcoin enthusiast specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency topics. He's been with CoinGate since 2018, writing blogs, social media content, sales materials, newsletters, FAQs, and more. He's relentless in pursuing knowledge and a better understanding of the crypto industry, which helps him create meaningful and engaging content every day.