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What is Web Scraping? 4 Best Web Scraping Tools to Try

Last updated: May 3, 2024 11 min read

Brendan Harding

You’ve most probably heard the term, but what is web scraping?

Web scraping is a powerful digital technology used to extract data from websites. This involves automatically navigating web pages and gathering specific information using web scraping software. 

As businesses become increasingly data-driven, the ability to quickly and efficiently harvest online information offers a competitive edge across multiple industries (examples below).

The relevance of web scraping tools has grown significantly as it enables companies to automate the web data collection process, thus saving time and resources while increasing accuracy. 

Some of the best web scraping tools include:

Industries such as e-commerce, finance, marketing, and real estate rely on web scraping (often called web crawling) to track competitor pricing, monitor market trends, generate leads, and enhance customer experiences. 

With the proper use of web scraping, organizations can make more informed decisions and better structure their strategies to meet market demands and customer expectations.

What is the Meaning of Web Scraping?  

Web scraping is a method where software automatically gathers data from websites, which is much faster than manually copying and pasting information. 

The scraping process uses specialized programs called bots, or crawlers, to navigate web pages and collect specific details like product prices or stock levels. 

These details are then organized into a structured format that can be easily used for analysis.

The main benefit of web scraping is its efficiency. It minimizes mistakes and speeds up the web data collection process. This makes it crucial for businesses that need to quickly access large amounts of data or keep their information up to date for strategic decision-making.

What is Web Scraping Used for?

Why might a business use web scraping to collect web data?

The following are 14 of the most popular uses for web scraping tools and web scrapers:

  1. Price Monitoring – Businesses use web scraping to track competitor pricing strategies and adjust their own pricing accordingly.
  2. Market Research – It helps gather and analyze consumer behavior, preferences, and market trends from different websites.
  3. Lead Generation – Companies scrape contact information from various websites and emails to create lists of potential customers for their sales teams.
  4. SEO Monitoring – SEO professionals use the best web scraping solutions to monitor keyword rankings and the health of backlinks, as well as to analyze competitors’ SEO strategies.
  5. E-commerce – Retailers and marketers scrape product details, reviews, and ratings from e-commerce sites to analyze market demand and consumer satisfaction.
  6. Real Estate – Agents and companies scrape listings to get up-to-date information on properties, pricing, and market conditions.
  7. Financial Market Analysis – Investors and financial analysts collect data on stocks, bonds, and commodities to make informed investment decisions.
  8. Academic Research – Researchers scrape data from digital libraries and portals for academic papers, journals, and other resources relevant to their studies.
  9. Travel –  Companies in the travel industry scrape web data on flight prices, hotel rates, and package deals to provide up-to-date information to travelers.
  10. Stock Market Monitoring – Web scrapers are used to continuously monitor stock exchanges for real-time trading data, company announcements, and market sentiment.
  11. Job Search and Recruitment – HR professionals use web scraping to gather job postings and candidate profiles from various job boards and professional networking sites.
  12. Social Media and News Analysis – Web scraping is used to gather large amounts of data from social media platforms and news outlets for sentiment analysis and trending topics.
  13. Machine Learning – Data scientists and engineers use web scrapers to gather large scraped data sets needed to train machine learning models.
  14. Event Monitoring – It helps track and gather information on events across various platforms to aid in planning and logistics.

The above list demonstrates the versatility and utility of web scraping in providing valuable data. This scraped data can then be used to drive business strategies, help in delivering market analyses and reports, and aid academic research.

What are the Best Web Scraper Tools to Extract Data in 2024?

In this section, we’ll explore four of the best web scraping tools that have distinguished themselves in the market. 

Although there is a massive selection of web scraping services on the market, each of the following tools has been carefully selected based on its performance, ease of use, and unique features that accommodate both novice users and experienced professionals. 

This guide aims to help you choose the web data extraction tool that best fits your specific web scraping objectives for the year ahead. As always, all the web scraping tools listed below accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments through CoinGate payment gateway.


The froxy web scraper service is built on a network of over 8.5 million IP addresses to provide reliable, secure, and anonymous data collection capabilities – without any coding knowledge

froxy web scraper crypto
  • The froxy no-code SERP Scraper offers a user-friendly interface that lets you customize search engine scraping without coding, complete with a global proxy network and a free trial to get the data you need effortlessly.
  • The froxy E-commerce Data Scraper automates the analysis of online store data with an easy-to-use interface for setting parsing rules, supported by a global proxy network and a free trial to enhance your strategy.

With the ability to access data from any region, country, city, or even specific mobile networks worldwide, froxy is designed to meet a divergent range of data gathering needs. 

Its use of residential proxies with rotation ensures that your IP address changes periodically. This reduces the likelihood of blocks and captchas and facilitates smooth data collection. 

Additionally, froxy offers even greater value by rolling over any unused traffic to the following month, ensuring that the services you pay for are fully utilized. 

From viewing ads, accessing websites, to collecting critical data, froxy gives you all the tools necessary for comprehensive and unimpeded web scraping.

The froxy web scraping tool kit comes with a designated Amazon Scraper, AliExpress Scraper, and eBay Scraper.

Froxy stays at the forefront of the digital economy by offering a variety of modern payment options. This includes accepting decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin through CoinGate, catering to users who prefer the flexibility and security of using digital currencies.

PRICING – froxy ships with 6 different pricing plans that range from the Mini 1GB plan to the Ultra 1TB plan. Plus, froxy also comes with a free trial plan to let you explore all the possibilities.


Proxy-Cheap stands out as a global proxy service tailored for seamless and secure web scraping. 

Offering a global network of servers, Proxy-Cheap provides high-speed browsing and secure data extraction. The brand’s range of tools is perfect for efficiently gathering precise, current information from various websites.

It also features reliable servers tailored to specific user needs and includes advanced security like encryption and remote DNS support. These features ensure that Proxy-Cheap is both safe and effective for personal and professional web scraping needs.

Top performance, combined with competitive pricing and top-quality proxies, Proxy-Cheap makes a cost-effective option for extensive data scraping.

Users benefit from 24/7 customer support and a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for both beginners and experts.

Proxy-Cheap supports a diverse array of payment methods that include credit cards (excluding prepaid, virtual, and gift cards), cryptocurrency payments, Alipay, PayPal, and GiroPay. For those opting to use cryptocurrencies, transactions are processed instantly and securely through the CoinGate payment gateway.

PRICING – Proxy-Cheap comes with several pricing plans ranging from DatacenterIPv6 at $0.30 per proxy to the Dynamic Mobile IP at $30 per proxy.


ProxyScrape’s Web Scraping API addresses common web scraping challenges such as blocks, captchas, and proxy management.

proxyscrape crypto web scraper

This robust tool streamlines the process to extract data by managing captchas, optimizing proxy use, avoiding blocks, and delivering clean HTML content, offering up to 100k daily requests at no cost.

ProxyScrape provides affordable proxies on a large scale, accompanied by excellent support.

For the value-conscious, the ProxyScrape data and web scraping tool emphasizes a balance between price and quality and offers a diverse product range suited for various use cases, with a focus on delivering the best customer experience.

Use Cases:

  • Web Scraping
  • Market Research
  • SEO
  • eCommerce
  • Website Testing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Ad Verification
  • Brand Protection

ProxyScrape provides high-quality, reliable proxies that prevent bans from target websites, enabling efficient web data extraction without interruptions.

ProxyScrape accepts payment methods that include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more, as well as electronic payment systems such as WebMoney, UPI, PayTM, and AliPay. Additionally, ProxyScrape supports a variety of regional payment solutions including IDEAL, India Netbanking, UnionPay, Sofort, EPS, and P24.

PRICING – Depending on the number of proxies you want to use, ProxyScrape offers its Premium Plan from $25 p/m for 1,000 proxies to $750 p/m for 40,000 proxies.


IPRoyal meets the needs of diverse users, from small businesses to large enterprises, by facilitating seamless extraction of valuable information from online sources.

One of the most useful features of IPRoyal is its robust proxy management system. This system provides users with access to an extensive network of anonymous proxies, which helps in circumventing geo-restrictions and minimizing the risk of IP bans and blocks. This ensures uninterrupted data scraping activities, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Additionally, IPRoyal places a strong emphasis on user security and data privacy. The tool employs advanced encryption standards to protect user data and interactions from potential threats.

IPRoyal accepts a full range of cryptocurrencies as payment using the CoinGate payment processor.

PRICING – Choose from Rotating Residential at $1.75/GB to the $117P/M 2.5M IP Mobile Plan.

What are the Best Scraper Tools in 2024?

Unsurprisingly, the top web scraping tools come from companies specializing in proxy services. But to understand that, you need to understand what a proxy service does.

  • A proxy serves as a critical intermediary between your local network and the broader internet. Functioning as a gateway, it plays a pivotal role in how data is exchanged between your device and the websites you visit. 
  • This server acts on your behalf, sending the request to the website, thereby masking your actual IP address and location from the website. This helps maintain your anonymity online, shielding your personal information from potential exposure.
  • Whether you’re looking to secure sensitive data or simply browsing anonymously, understanding the function and benefits of proxies is essential in today’s interconnected environment.

This post has already touched on several of the best scraper tools for 2024 but there are others worth mentioning that can vastly improve your web scraping results.

ThunderProxies – ThunderProxies provide an extensive residential proxy network that makes web requests appear as legitimate home connections. The proxies are designed to be indistinguishable from real visitors, allowing seamless access and web scraping possibilities without detection.

SmartProxy – Smart Proxy’s scraping APIs offer a streamlined approach to public data collection, supporting synchronous, asynchronous, and batch requests for optimal efficiency. 

Choosing the Right Web Scraping Tool in 2024

Web scrapers are crucial for businesses looking to efficiently gather and analyze online data. 

Ideal web data extraction tools, like froxy, ProxyCheap, ProxyScrape, or SmartProxy, should not only handle complex data structures and prevent detection but also offer user-friendly features and reliable support. This ensures that businesses can leverage the most accurate and up-to-date information to drive decision-making and maintain a competitive edge in their industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Scraping

The legality of using web scrapers largely depends on the data being scraped, the source website’s terms of service, and the jurisdiction under which the scraping activity falls. 

While scraping publicly accessible data is generally legal, it’s important to respect copyright laws, avoid breaching data protection regulations, and adhere to the specific terms and conditions of websites. 

What is a Web Scraping API?

Unlike traditional web scraping, which extracts data from a website’s HTML pages, API scraping and web data extraction retrieves information straight from the website’s server-side data structures. 

Is Web Scraping Considered Hacking?

No, web scraping is not considered hacking. Hacking involves illegal activities that exploit private networks or computer systems, often to steal private information or manipulate systems for personal gain. Web scraping and gathering web data, however, is a legitimate practice used to access publicly available information on websites. 

Is Web Scraping Only for Web Developers?

No, web scraping is not exclusively for web developers. While many web scraping tools often require technical skills, there are now zero-code web scraping tools available that simplify the process. These user-friendly web scraper solutions offer pre-built data scraping tools and templates for popular web pages and websites like Amazon and Booking, making web scraping accessible to professionals without a technical background, enabling them to control their data intake effectively.

Written by:

Brendan Harding

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