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Best Proxy Services That Accept BTC & Crypto Payments

Last updated: May 31, 2024 20 min read

Vilius Barbaravičius

At CoinGate, we empower businesses by providing a gateway to decentralized payments through cryptocurrencies. 

While advocating for the mainstream adoption of crypto, we also understand the growing need for anonymity and privacy in the digital realm. Hence, we have delved into the world of proxy services, focusing on those which accept cryptocurrency payments. 

In this review, we showcase four exclusive proxy providers, all of which accept crypto payments via our payment solution.

What Is a Proxy?

A proxy, in the context of the internet, acts as a gateway between a local network and the vast online world. It’s an intermediary server that separates end-users from the websites they browse. 

When you send a request to a website, it first goes through the proxy server, which processes the request, and then forwards it to the desired website. 

Similarly, when the website responds, it sends the data back to the proxy server, which then forwards it to you. This process helps to keep your identity anonymous and can also filter web content, among other benefits.

Best Proxy Services For Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Etc.)

We feature four top-notch proxies for you to discover: Find detailed reviews of each one below.

Proxy-Cheap: Affordability Meets Variety

  • Types of Proxies: Static Residential, Datacenter IPv4/IPv6, Rotating Residential, Mobile, Rotating ISP, Residential VPN
  • Use-Cases: Ad verification, brand protection, data scraping, market research, social media management, etc.
  • Unique Features: Unlimited bandwidth, wide variety of proxy types
  • Pricing: As low as $0.99 per proxy
  • Payment Options: Cryptocurrencies via CoinGate and more

In a market teeming with proxy service providers, Proxy-Cheap sets itself apart by offering a broad spectrum of proxy services at competitive prices, living up to its name. With pricing as low as $0.99 per proxy, it’s an attractive option for those looking to save on costs without compromising on quality.

proxy cheap crypto btc

Proxy-Cheap provides a variety of proxy services catering to a diverse range of use-cases. Whether you are into ad verification, brand protection, data scraping, market research, or social media management, there’s a tailored solution for you. This versatility demonstrates a keen understanding of the varied needs of different online users and businesses.

The service boasts a significant number of IPs spread across various geolocations, making it a flexible choice for bypassing geographical restrictions or accessing localized content. This geo-diversity is a boon for tasks like market research or SEO, where accessing data from different regions is crucial.

Among the proxy types offered are Static Residential, Datacenter IPv4/IPv6, Rotating Residential, Mobile, Rotating ISP, and Residential VPN proxies. Each of these has its specific strengths catering to different online tasks. 

For instance, static residential proxies are ideal for long-term operations due to their stability, datacenter proxies offer high-speed connections, and mobile proxies are perfect for mobile-centric applications and tasks.

Proxy-Cheap’s unlimited bandwidth is another feature worth mentioning. It ensures users don’t have to constantly monitor their bandwidth usage or worry about extra charges, making it a hassle-free choice for high-volume tasks.

The integration of cryptocurrency payments via CoinGate is a thoughtful addition, aligning with the growing trend of crypto adoption and ensuring a seamless payment experience for the crypto-savvy user. This feature not only simplifies the payment process but also provides an added layer of privacy and security inherent in blockchain transactions.

Proxy-Cheap emerges as a cost-effective, flexible, and user-friendly proxy service provider. Its range of proxy types, coupled with the ease of crypto payments, makes it a worthy consideration for individuals and businesses on a budget but unwilling to cut corners on quality and variety​.

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Smartproxy: Your All-in-One Proxy Solution

  • Data Collection Solutions: eCommerce Scraping API, No-Code Scraper, SERP Scraping API, Web Scraping API
  • Tools and Enhancements: X Browser, Chrome and Firefox Extensions, Proxy Checker, Address Generator
  • Applications: Multi-accounting, web scraping, price monitoring, advertising technology, SEO optimization
  • Starting Prices: From $0.52 per 1,000 requests for Web Scraping API
  • Access and Support: Over 55 million IPs in 195+ countries, comprehensive documentation, public API, and educational resource

Smartproxy emerges as an option for those in need of sophisticated yet straightforward proxy services. Catering to a diverse clientele, from digital marketers to data analysts, Smartproxy offers an array of services designed to streamline online operations and data collection processes efficiently.

smartproxy accepts crypto

At the core of Smartproxy’s offerings are its competitive pricing and specialized features. With solutions like the eCommerce Scraping API starting at just $1.1 per 1,000 requests, users can easily extract valuable data from eCommerce sites. The No-Code Scraper, priced at $3.85 per 1,000 requests, eliminates the complexity of web scraping, enabling users to gather web data without any technical know-how. Additionally, the SERP Scraping API and Web Scraping API are tailored for capturing search engine results and general web scraping tasks, respectively, making data collection both cost-effective and comprehensive.

Beyond its primary services, Smartproxy enhances user experience with a selection of free tools. The X Browser and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox simplify managing multiple browsing profiles and integrating proxy services. The Proxy Checker and Address Generator are innovative solutions designed to test proxy functionality and generate addresses, further optimizing user workflow.

Smartproxy is not just a tool but a solution for a wide range of online challenges. From managing multiple accounts across social media and eCommerce platforms to aggregating prices and optimizing ad campaigns and SEO strategies, Smartproxy’s services are built to support diverse online activities. Its applications in web scraping, market analysis, and digital advertising underscore its versatility and utility in today’s fast-paced online environment.

Supporting this suite of services, Smartproxy provides comprehensive resources and dedicated support to ensure users maximize their proxy solutions. Detailed documentation, a public API, and educational content like FAQs, blogs, and webinars are readily available, offering guidance and insights to navigate the proxy landscape successfully.

Smartproxy stands as a comprehensive, user-friendly proxy service provider, offering a blend of competitive pricing, versatile tools, and wide-ranging applications. It’s designed for anyone looking to enhance their online operations, providing the necessary tools and support to navigate the web more efficiently and securely. Whether your focus is on data collection, market analysis, or simply managing an online presence, Smartproxy offers a streamlined solution to meet and exceed your digital needs.

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Froxy: A Blend of Speed and Global Reach

  • Types of Proxies: Fast, Residential, Mobile
  • Unique Features: White IP pool, automatic IP rotation, city/provider targeting
  • Geographic Reach: Over 200 locations, 8.5 million IPs
  • Pricing: Starts from $70/month for Fast Proxies
  • Payment Options: Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) via CoinGate and others

Froxy carves out a distinctive niche by amalgamating speed with an extensive global reach. This provider offers a trifecta of proxy types: Fast, Residential, and Mobile proxies, with pricing tiers beginning at $70, $60, and $81 per month respectively. 

froxy crypto

A notable feature of Froxy’s offerings is its unique pool of white IPs, which form part of the Fast Proxies package. This aspect is a boon for users aiming to bypass stringent network restrictions without raising red flags.

The global coverage of Froxy’s proxy network is another highlight, spanning over 200 locations worldwide. With an impressive pool of over 8.5 million IPs, users have a vast array of options to choose from, be it for bypassing geo-restrictions or for web scraping purposes. This extensive geographical spread covers several countries including the US, UK, Australia, and Russia, among others, thus catering to a global clientele with diverse needs.

A pivotal aspect of Froxy’s service is the automatic rotation of IPs provided in its Fast Proxies package. This feature ensures that users can maintain a low profile while conducting online activities, thereby minimizing the chances of being blocked or flagged by web servers. Additionally, the login/password authorization feature adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the proxy service.

Froxy’s Residential Proxies come with a feature that allows city/provider targeting, along with support for HTTP and SOCKS 5 protocols. This granularity in targeting enables users to tailor their proxy usage to specific geographical or network requirements, making it a versatile choice for various online tasks.

On the mobile front, Froxy’s Mobile Proxies stand out with their 3G/4G Mobile Proxy Network. This network provides high-speed connections and a unique advantage of bypassing CAPTCHAs and blocks, a common hurdle in data collection and web scraping endeavors.

In line with the modern digital economy, Froxy accepts a range of payment methods, including decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin through CoinGate. This not only facilitates a seamless payment experience but also aligns with the privacy-centric ethos of many proxy users.

Froxy’s robust proxy network, coupled with its user-friendly features and crypto-friendly payment options, positions it as a formidable choice for individuals and businesses in search of reliable, versatile, and globally reachable proxy services.

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ProxyScrape: Ethical Sourcing with High Performance

  • Types of Proxies: Datacenter, Residential, Premium, Dedicated
  • Unique Features: Ethically sourced proxies, 99% success rate, unlimited bandwidth and concurrent connections
  • Performance: 2-second response time, 99% uptime guarantee
  • Support: 24/7 support
  • Payment Options: Cryptocurrencies and more

ProxyScrape distinguishes itself through a strong commitment to ethical sourcing coupled with high-performance delivery. Offering up to 40,000 datacenter proxies alongside a vast pool of over 10 million Residential proxies, ProxyScrape aims to ensure a 99% success rate in bypassing restrictions, enabling users to access the data they need without hurdles.

proxyscrape btc crypto

One of the notable features of ProxyScrape is its ethically sourced proxies. In a digital landscape where ethical sourcing is often overlooked, ProxyScrape’s dedication to acquiring residential proxies ethically is a breath of fresh air. 

They have a comprehensive process in place to ensure transparency and accountability in how their proxies are obtained and used, showcasing a responsible approach to proxy provisioning.

ProxyScrape’s Residential proxy pool stands out with its 99% success rate and a swift 2-second response time, ensuring fast and reliable performance for a multitude of online activities. This feature is particularly beneficial for tasks that demand a high level of anonymity and speed, such as web scraping and data collection.

On the premium front, ProxyScrape offers proxies that boast unmatched speed and reliability, catering to users who require a high level of performance for their online endeavors. With over 40,000 proxies and a 99% success rate, users can enjoy a fast, secure, and private browsing experience.

Dedicated proxies from ProxyScrape provide an added layer of control and customization. They come with private IP addresses, unlimited bandwidth, and concurrent connections, allowing users to handle sensitive tasks with a higher degree of privacy and efficiency.

Advanced features like 3 IP authentication slots and API integration in their premium proxies offer greater control and customization, catering to the more tech-savvy users who require a tailored proxy solution.

The emphasis on quality and performance extends to their customer service as well, with 24/7 support ensuring that users can get the help they need whenever they need it. This level of support reflects a user-centric approach, which is crucial in the proxy service domain.

In terms of payment flexibility, ProxyScrape embraces the modern digital economy by supporting cryptocurrency payments, facilitating a secure and private transaction process.

ProxyScrape is a formidable choice for those who prioritize ethical sourcing, high performance, and a user-friendly experience in a proxy service. Their comprehensive range of proxy options, coupled with a strong commitment to ethical practices and customer satisfaction, makes ProxyScrape a reliable and responsible proxy service provider in the digital landscape.

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Ghostealth: Unlimited Bandwidth and Global Proxy Solutions

  • Types of Proxies: 50,000 rotating datacenter proxies
  • Unique Features: Unlimited bandwidth and ability to use proxies on different locations at the same time
  • Geographic Reach: Worldmix, Europe Mix & United-States proxies
  • Pricing: Weekly pricing starts at $20.00 for beginners
  • Payment Options: Credit card and cryptocurrency via CoinGate

Ghostealth distinguishes itself in the proxy service market with a substantial offering that includes a pool of over 50,000 proxies, which continues to expand daily. 

ghostleath crypto proxy

The service processes up to 10 million requests every day, maintaining a reputation for reliability with a 99.9% uptime. Ghostealth’s servers, known for their lightning-fast response times of less than 500 milliseconds per request, operate continuously to ensure constant accessibility.

Ghostealth’s rotating datacenter proxies are crafted to provide exceptional performance around the clock. Each server promises the fastest internet connections, making them well-suited for a wide range of applications, from SEO monitoring and ad verification to brand protection. 

These proxies are characterized by unlimited bandwidth and rapid reaction times, supporting extensive use across multiple countries without compromising on speed or reliability. 

Additionally, Ghostealth guarantees that if a proxy fails, it is replaced immediately, ensuring seamless service continuity.

Complementing its premium offerings, Ghostealth provides a free proxy scraper tool. This tool autonomously searches for available proxy servers on the internet, tests them, and sorts them by various criteria such as country, speed, accessibility, and protocol. Although these free proxies are separate from the main rotating datacenter proxies, they offer users an invaluable resource for casual or non-critical proxy needs. 

The free proxies are maintained with up-to-date listings from many sources.

All of Ghostealth’s datacenter proxies offer high download speeds of at least 100 Mbps, ensuring that web pages load quickly—often within seconds. The service also boasts elite-level anonymity, with its rotating datacenter proxies providing the highest degree of privacy and security. 

This feature makes it virtually impossible to trace user activity back to their home connection, providing peace of mind for users concerned about maintaining anonymity online.

The Ghostealth pricing plan caters to every user from beginner to expert. Weekly pricing starts at $20.00 for beginners, $36.00 for advanced users, $80.00 for professional users, and $140.00 for expert users.

Ghostealth provides a robust and reliable proxy service tailored to meet the needs of users who demand high performance, constant availability, and stringent security. 

With its extensive proxy pool, fast response times, and elite anonymity, Ghostealth is well-positioned as a leading choice for individuals and businesses looking for effective proxy solutions.

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Geonode: Unlimited Bandwidth and Global Proxy Solutions

  • Types of Proxies: Unlimited Residential, Premium Residential, Shared Datacenter, Dedicated Residential, Unlimited Mixed, Mobile, ISP, and Dedicated Datacenter Proxies
  • Unique Features: Good proxy pool, dual authentication support, SOCKS5 support
  • Geographic Reach: 30+ million supported proxies covering 140 countries worldwide
  • Pricing: Unlimited mixed proxies start from $49/month – multiple pricing options
  • Payment Options: Cryptocurrencies via CoinGate, credit cards, etc.

Geonode specializes in both residential and data center proxies, offering solutions that accommodate extensive data collection needs such as SEO monitoring, pricing comparisons, and travel fare aggregation. 

geonode accepts crypto for proxy

With its robust unlimited bandwidth capacity, Geonode is positioned to support high-bandwidth activities like web scraping APIs.

Geonode provides a versatile range of packages, including unlimited residential proxies ideal for extensive data scraping and pay-as-you-go options for more controlled usage. The service enhances these offerings with rotating proxies sourced from peer-to-peer networks, supporting a variety of protocols such as SOCKS5, SOCKS, and HTTP(S), thereby ensuring flexibility and broad application compatibility.

The proxy service masks users’ true IP addresses, enhancing anonymity and reducing the risk of being blocked or tracked by websites. 

Users can easily configure their applications or browsers with credentials provided via an intuitive dashboard, directing all traffic through Geonode’s servers. This setup redirects requests through available IPs in Geonode’s pool, thereby maintaining user privacy and effectiveness in reaching desired web content.

Geonode boasts a substantial proxy pool with over 30 million proxies spanning 140 countries, ensuring global coverage and access. 

Notable features include sticky ports, which allow IP continuity for durations ranging from 5 to 60 minutes, enhancing session consistency. Geonode supports sophisticated targeting capabilities, can specify locations down to city or ISP levels, and offers advanced options like JavaScript rendering for dynamic web applications.

The proxy provider’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate various needs and budgets, with options ranging from unlimited proxy access to cost-effective shared data center proxies. A unique pay-per-concurrent-request model allows users to scale operations without unexpected costs, and a $7 trial offers new users an affordable entry point with up to 25 threads.

While Geonode is praised for its competitive pricing and supportive customer service, some users have raised concerns about the speed and the authenticity of the residential proxies, noting potential discrepancies in IP geolocation. 

Despite these concerns, the platform is generally regarded for its clean IP pool, straightforward API, and user-friendly interface.

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ThunderProxies: Lightning Speed with a Vast Network

  • Types of Proxies: Residential, Datacenter
  • Unique Features: Over 30M residential and 150K datacenter proxies, sticky and rotating sessions, unlimited threads
  • Support: 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Pricing: Starts from $0.79/GB for datacenter proxies and $3.49/GB for residential proxies
  • Payment Options: VISA, MasterCard, Cryptocurrencies via CoinGate

Navigating the digital waters often requires a blend of speed, reliability, and a vast network to ensure seamless access to online resources. ThunderProxies stands tall in this regard, offering a lightning-fast web data collection experience sans the typical hassles one might encounter.

Thunderproxies btc crypto

A hallmark of ThunderProxies is its extreme residential proxy network which stands at over 30 million ethically-sourced residential addresses. This network ensures that websites perceive your requests as legitimate home connections, thereby affording a seamless passage to any content you require. The vastness of this network not only provides a higher level of anonymity but also a wide geographical reach, which is invaluable for tasks like web scraping, ad verification, and bypassing geo-restrictions.

Additionally, ThunderProxies boasts a robust datacenter proxy network with over 150,000 fast and reliable proxies at your disposal. The datacenter proxies are especially noteworthy for their speed and reliability, providing a pathway for efficient web data scraping and collection. With pricing starting at a competitive rate of $0.79 per GB, these datacenter proxies offer a cost-effective solution for those in need of speedy and reliable proxies.

The residential proxies, priced starting from $3.49 per GB, cater to users seeking high-quality unique residential IPs. With features like sticky, static, and rotating sessions, alongside a vast pool of over 30 million addresses, ThunderProxies showcases a strong commitment to providing a comprehensive and reliable residential proxy service.

Moreover, the availability of unlimited threads, city/state targeting, and custom pricing plans underscores ThunderProxies’ flexibility in meeting the diverse needs of its clientele. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, there’s a tailored solution awaiting you.

A notable mention is the 24/7 dedicated support team, ensuring that help is available round the clock. Coupled with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ThunderProxies exhibits a strong emphasis on ensuring a smooth and reliable user experience.

In terms of payment, ThunderProxies embraces the modern trend of cryptocurrency payments, accepting VISA, MasterCard, and Cryptocurrencies. This feature, facilitated through CoinGate, not only simplifies the payment process but also aligns with the privacy-centric ethos embraced by many proxy users.

ThunderProxies presents a solid option for those in search of a vast network and lightning speed in a proxy service. Its robust infrastructure, coupled with a user-centric approach and crypto-friendly payment options, positions it as a viable choice for individuals and businesses aiming to navigate the digital realm securely and efficiently.

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Why Use Proxy Services?

  • Anonymity and Privacy: One of the primary reasons individuals and businesses use proxy services is to maintain anonymity and protect personal or sensitive data. A proxy can hide your IP address, making your online actions virtually untraceable.
  • Bypass Geographical Restrictions: Proxy services can help bypass geographical restrictions on content by making it appear as though the request is coming from a different location. This is particularly useful for accessing region-restricted websites or online services.
  • Enhanced Security: Proxies add an extra layer of security between your network and the outside world by filtering out malicious traffic, which can be especially beneficial for businesses.
  • Improved Performance: Proxies can cache data, which means that a copy of frequently accessed web pages is stored locally. This can significantly speed up access to resources and decrease bandwidth usage.
  • Web Scraping and Data Collection: Proxies are invaluable tools for web scraping and data collection, allowing users to gather data quickly without being blocked by the targeted websites.
  • Monitoring and Control: For businesses and parents, proxies offer a way to monitor and control internet usage, ensuring adherence to organizational or family policies.
  • Testing and Debugging: Developers often use proxies to test the performance and functionality of websites and applications from different geographical locations.

Since data is king but also vulnerable, proxy services provide a shield and a sword, enabling safe access to the boundless information available online while protecting one’s digital footprint. 

Investing in a reliable proxy service is a prudent decision for anyone looking to navigate the web securely and efficiently. On top of that, you can also strengthen your security by buying VPN with crypto.

Buy Proxy With Cryptocurrency Today

The quest for robust proxy services that accept cryptocurrencies is made easier with providers like Froxy, Proxy-Cheap, ProxyScrape, and ThunderProxies. Each has its unique strengths, catering to different needs and budgets. 

As a crypto payment processor, we at CoinGate are thrilled to facilitate seamless transactions for these services, bridging the gap between the realms of privacy and cryptocurrency. 

Whether you prioritize global coverage, affordability, ethical sourcing, or speed, hopefully this review provided a glimpse into what each proxy service offers, aiding you in making an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Proxies

What are the different types of proxies available?

There are several types of proxies, each serving different purposes. The common types include:

  • Residential Proxies: Use real residential IP addresses, making them appear legitimate to web servers.
  • Datacenter Proxies: Use IP addresses from data centers, known for their speed and reliability.
  • Mobile Proxies: Use mobile IP addresses, ideal for mobile-centric tasks.
  • Dedicated Proxies: Also known as private proxies, are used by only one user at a time.
  • Shared Proxies: Shared among multiple users.

Why would someone use a proxy service?

Individuals and businesses use proxy services for various reasons:

  • Anonymity: Hide the user’s original IP address, providing online anonymity.
  • Bypass Geographical Restrictions: Access region-restricted content by routing traffic through servers in desired locations.
  • Enhanced Security: Add an extra layer of security by filtering malicious traffic.
  • Web Scraping and Data Collection: Gather data without being blocked by the target websites.
  • Improved Performance: Cache data to speed up access and decrease bandwidth usage.

How are proxies priced?

Proxy services may have different pricing models. Some common models include:

  • Pay per Proxy: Pricing for each proxy used.
  • Pay per Bandwidth: Pricing based on the amount of data transferred.
  • Subscription-Based: Monthly or yearly subscriptions for a set number of proxies or unlimited usage.
  • Pay-as-you-go: Flexible payment based on usage.

What is IP rotation and why is it important?

IP rotation is the practice of changing the IP address used during a proxy session at regular intervals or after every request. This is crucial for:

  • Avoiding Detection and Bans: Continuously changing IPs makes it harder for websites to detect and block proxy users.
  • Ensuring Uninterrupted Access: If one IP gets banned, the rotation ensures continued access by switching to another IP.
  • Distributing Requests: Helps in spreading requests over a larger IP pool, reducing the risk of overloading specific IPs.

How do I choose the right proxy service?

Choosing the right proxy service depends on individual or business needs. Considerations include:

  • Type of Proxies Needed: Depending on the task, you may need residential, datacenter, or mobile proxies.
  • Geographical Coverage: Ensure the service has proxies in the regions you need to access.
  • Pricing: Choose a pricing model that aligns with your budget.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Opt for services that ethically source their proxies, especially if this is a concern for you.
  • Payment Options: Look for services that accept your preferred payment methods, including cryptocurrencies for added privacy.

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