About CoinGate

CoinGate is a payment gateway for blockchain payments. Having started off in 2014, we have made it our mission to grow adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global scale. With this in mind, CoinGate provides a reliable payments infrastructure that caters for the needs of both merchants and their customers: accessible, convenient and customer oriented.

To bridge the gap between cryptocurrency owners, who are looking for ways to use their coins for purchasing goods and services, and merchants, that can easily utilise the benefits of blockchain to grow their businesses, are among our top aims. The benefits of blockchain-based payments - cost-efficiency, speed, privacy and security - in our belief tackle a lot of shopper pain points and serve a huge number of business cases. As such, CoinGate was built with the same values at the core, satisfying both sides of commerce.

Our roadmaps and milestones

July 2014
The legal basis of CoinGate is established as JSC “Virtualios Valiutos”
March 2015
CoinGate goes live
November 2015
1,000 payments processed
April 2016
1,000 users registered
February 2017
10,000 payments processed
Launched credit card option for buying Bitcoin
May 2017
10,000 users registered
First in the market to launch phone payments
August 2017
Support for 50+ tokens via ShapeShift partnership
November 2017
25,000 users registered
10th person joins CoinGate team
December 2017
100,000 payments processed
SegWit implemented
February 2018
Partnership with PrestaShop
April 2018
200,000 payments processed
50,000 users registered
Litecoin implemented
May 2018
Bitcoin Lightning Network on CoinGate testnet
June 2018
Bitcoin Lightning Network on Mainnet

Meet the Team

Dmitrijus Borisenka

Dmitrijus Borisenka

Co-Founder and CEO
An enthusiastic entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in multiple ventures, Dmitrijus is involved in the crypto sphere since 2012 as an investor and Blockchain evangelist. He cannot imagine his life without endurance challenges, morning coffee and electronic music. At CoinGate, Dmitrijus is the one leading our product vision and strategy.
Jonas Gilys

Jonas Gilys

Co-Founder and CFO
As a Computer Science graduate, Jonas has an amazing eye for detail and will spot anything out of the ordinary in seconds. An avid traveller who cannot stay in one place for too long, he deals with most of operational and financial matters of CoinGate, usually from the craziest places in the world.
Irmantas Bačiulis

Irmantas Bačiulis

Co-Founder and Lead Developer
Irmantas is the virtuoso architect who engineered the entire back-end of CoinGate, and now leads our team of six developers. To him, coding is a passion rather than a job, and he will always come up with the neatest ways to get things working.
Rytis Bieliauskas

Rytis Bieliauskas

Chief Technology Officer
Involved with cryptocurrencies and Blockchain since 2011, Rytis is arguably the most passionate Bitcoin expert in Lithuania. Not only a frequent speaker at conferences and events, he is actively involved in education, giving lectures and helping Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in preparing course materials on Bitcoin and Blockchain. Rytis is also curious about cryptography, artificial intelligence, and protection against social engineering.
Tomas Achmedovas

Tomas Achmedovas

Driven by making good things better and creating great things from scratch, Tomas enjoys untangling the hows and whys behind complex mechanisms. He has been with CoinGate since 2015, and is the main guy transforming product ideas into intuitive experiences for our users.
Vilius Semėnas

Vilius Semėnas

Chief Commercial Officer
Vilius works on all things that help CoinGate grow, from business and partnership development to new features, content and SEO. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in the Netherlands, he has been with CoinGate since 2016. Some of his passions are running, playing squash and bashing people’s grammar.
Justas Paulius

Justas Paulius

Head of Customer Relations
Justas is the liaison between CoinGate users and our team, entrusted to take best care of our customers and deliver insights into their needs and desires. Currently in postgraduate studies, he has a keen interest in financial management and data analysis, loves board sports and secretly dreams of owning a bank.
Veronika Mishura

Veronika Mishura

Marketing Manager
Veronika’s daily work at CoinGate involves anything from Analytics to clever Twitter hashtags. A keen believer in creative solutions, she is always on the outlook for extraordinary ways to market CoinGate. Veronika has lived in 4 countries and travelled in many more, and cannot imagine her life without morning workouts and learning languages.
Dmitrij Ilgevič

Dmitrij Ilgevič

A passionate and experienced programmer, Dmitrij works on integrating many of the new features and solutions on the CoinGate platform. In his spare time, Dmitrij loves building Arduino projects and automating everything he can think of.
Šarūnas Matulevičius

Šarūnas Matulevičius

Head of Product
Šarūnas has been working in FinTech since 2015, with leading products in retail banking and global remittances. At CoinGate, he is the one to create structure and direction for product development, bridging the gap between technology, user experience and business logic.
Vytautas Basys

Vytautas Basys

Key Account Manager
After stumbling upon FinTech and cryptocurrencies, Vytautas changed his way of thinking about the future of money. A digital marketer by degree, he has worked in sales and project management and is now helping CoinGate broaden its reach across all markets and verticals. Vytautas has a knack for three things: foosball, gadgets, and more gadgets.