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The Best Gift Card Deals for 2023

Last updated: May 1, 2023 6 min read

Vilius Barbaravičius

If your cryptocurrencies are burning a hole in your wallet, gift cards could be your best option to turn to.

best gift card deals 2022

An increasing number of gift cards are becoming available for crypto from popular retailers and brands, giving an alternative way to spend it in various stores.  

Not all stores accept crypto directly, so buying a gift card means you don’t have to miss out. CoinGate has the very best gift card deals available; here’s a selection of the top gift cards available now. 

The Best Amazon Gift Card Deals

amazon black friday

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest retailers, and it’s possible to buy virtually anything from their online store.

They have plenty of sales and special offers regularly, not just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and purchasing a gift card means it’s possible to take advantage of their best prices. 

If you opt to purchase an Amazon gift card with your crypto, you need to be very careful to avoid falling foul of their powerful anti-fraud technology. The most frequent reasons for this to be triggered are using a VPN or shopping outside your country. If you typically use a VPN, switch it off when purchasing your Amazon gift card. 

Scrumptious Savings With DoorDash Gift Cards

buy doordash gift card with bitcoin

Bring delicious dishes to your door with a gift card from DoorDash. Your favorite restaurants only need to be a few clicks away when you order using the delivery option. Convenience stores and local grocery shops are also included in DoorDash, making it a top pick all around. 

Choose a gift card between $20 and $500 and pay for it with one of the 50 cryptocurrency options. 

Bargain Discount Gift Cards From eBay

ebay logo

eBay is the online auction site that everyone loves to browse through for great bargains, and if you buy a discounted gift card from eBay, you’ll enjoy even greater savings. 

Select the value from $20 to $200, pay with your chosen crypto, and you’ll receive the gift card code via email. 

Home Style Savings With Ikea

ikea black friday

Introduce some Scandinavian style into your home with a gift card from IKEA. This global homeware store has everything from furniture to home decor, soft furnishings and garden accessories. 

Choose from Ethereum, Bitcoin or many other cryptocurrencies and select the value of the gift card. Once your transaction is confirmed, you’ll receive the gift card code via email. 

Chill Out With Gift Cards From Netflix

netflix gift card best deals

If you’re a huge TV and movie enthusiast or know someone who is, a Netflix gift card could be the perfect present. With original content and many top titles, it’s the ideal way to kick back and enjoy some relaxing time at home. 

Netflix gift cards are available from $15 to $60, but if you want to spend a little more, you can purchase more than one. Pay for it with your crypto and receive the confirmation code through your email to use on your account or gift to someone else. 

The Best Gift Card Deals With Nike

nike gift card

Nike is one of the biggest sports brands in the world, with huge demand for leisure and footwear. Whether it’s a gift or you’re buying for yourself, Nike has a wide selection of high-quality goods. 

Choose a Nike gift card with a value of $5 to $50; you can select multiple cards if you want to purchase a higher value. The code for the gift card will be sent via email, ready for instant use online. 

Get $$ Off Gift Cards From Roblox

roblox gift card

Roblox is a very popular gaming platform that allows you to create your own video games. The top entertainment platform for gamers aged under 18, the Roblox global gaming community is enormous. 

Pay for a Roblox gift card with your crypto, with a value of between $10-50, for the ideal gift for the young gamer in your life. 

Shop the Gift Card Deals at Shein

shein gift card deal

For great-value items that are on trend, Shein is the place to shop. With everything from fashion and accessories to homeware, Shein has a vast range of goods which are perfect for finding that special gift. 

Select a Shein gift card deal and confirm the crypto transaction to receive the codes via your email for instant redemption. 

Save Money With a Starbucks Gift Card

starbucks gift card

A warm coffee or hot chocolate is the ideal way to give yourself a little treat, and a Starbucks gift card is the easy way to indulge. With discounts and special offers available, you can use your cryptocurrency to line up a steaming hot cup of deliciousness at the start of every day. 

Up to 5% Off With Steam Gift Cards

steam gift card

Steam is an online platform that’s loved by games due to its vast number of video games. With every possible genre available, including indie creations, players have an enormous library of games to dive into. 

A Steam gift card allows you to use our crypto on video games, with around 30,000 titles to pick from. 

An alternative to purchasing a general gift card is to opt for a CD Key for the specific game you want to play. With options such as Elden Ring, Dead By Daylight, God of War and Ready Or Not, there are some seriously big titles with up to 5% off when you purchase a gift code through CoinGate. 

Fill Up With an Uber Eats Gift Card

buy uber eats gift card with bitcoin

Uber Eats is the app that everyone keeps close at hand, ideal for ordering in food or snacks on those days when you just don’t feel like cooking. Whether it’s entertaining friends or a lazy night in, Uber Eats covers a wide range of restaurants in your local area.

Choose an Uber Eats gift card from CoinGate and select a value from $20 to $500 – there’s no need to skimp on a big blowout for the whole family! Once your crypto transaction has been processed, you’ll get the confirmation code for your gift card via email. 

Frequently asked questions about CoinGate gift cards

Can I buy gift cards at a discount?

CoinGate offers discounts for many of people’s favorite gift cards. This is one of the most convenient ways to spend your crypto, as you’ll benefit from the discount without sacrificing any choice.

Is it possible to get a free gift card?

When you’re buying a gift card, keep a close eye on the terms and conditions. Lots of special offers include freebies when you meet the qualifying criteria. This might be spending a certain amount or signing up for a limited time promotion. At CoinGate, you’ll find all the latest deals where you can sometimes claim a free voucher. 

Which gift card has the best discount now?

The discounts available on gift cards change so quickly that it’s impossible to capture the best deals with 100% accuracy. By the time we’ve written them down, they’re likely to have changed! Make sure you check the latest gift card deals from CoinGate regularly to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything you’d like. 

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