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How to Install OpenCart Bitcoin Extension

Last updated: June 5, 2024 6 min read

Vilius Barbaravičius

You are reading this, meaning you wish to use our OpenCart Bitcoin plugin. Great news! So, where do you start?

What are the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency in your eCommerce business?

And that’s not even a half of it.

Accept cryptocurrency payments on OpenCart

  1. Make sure OpenCart FTP settings are configured.
  2. Download and install the appropriate CoinGate Bitcoin module for OpenCart.
  3. Enable our extension in OpenCart settings.
  4. Setup API credentials for testing purposes or going live with Bitcoin payments.

For the testing mode to work, you must generate separate API credentials on the CoinGate Sandbox environment since API credentials generated on CoinGate will not work there.

Please note that this guide was created using OpenCart But is also useful when installing older or upcoming OpenCart versions. For OpenCart 3+, skip the first step of this guide.

How to set up OpenCart extension: step-by-step guide

1. Check that the OpenCart FTP configuration is fine

OpenCart Bitcoin extension installation

2. Download appropriate CoinGate extension for OpenCart

3. Install the OpenCart Bitcoin extension for versions 2.0+

OpenCart Bitcoin gateway setup

4. Enable CoinGate payment extension in OpenCart settings

Install OpenCart Bitcoin extension

5. Enter API credentials and configure your ‘Receive Currency’ settings

OpenCart Bitcoin plugin installation

Congratulations – you did it! Your OpenCart store now has Bitcoin as a payment option at checkout. See how it works and let us know at Whether you love or hate it – we want to hear it all!


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Vilius Barbaravičius

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