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How To Set Up PrestaShop Module For Crypto Payments

Last updated: March 13, 2024 9 min read

Vilius Barbaravičius

PrestaShop is an efficient, innovative e-commerce solution that allows creating and building a successful and efficient online store. Best of all, it offers numerous tools to grow your business successfully.

Over 300,000 companies are already achieving tremendous results using PrestaShop and its numerous modules that further improve the functionality and efficiency of any PrestaShop-powered e-commerce website. 

For merchants looking to expand their payment options specifically, PrestaShop, together with the CoinGate payment gateway, offers an official CoinGate module for accepting crypto payments, developed by PrestaShop Partners. 

This module adds a new payment method to the online store’s checkout page. As a result, customers can use it to pay for goods or services using Bitcoin (+ Lightning⚡) and +70 other cryptocurrencies.

When payments are being collected, the CoinGate module also can exchange all received cryptocurrencies for something else and send your proceeds to you regularly. Take recurring payouts in BTC, originally received coins, or a single fiat currency, such as EUR, USD and GBP, directly into a bank account. 

Simple to use and painless to set up, the CoinGate module v2.0.0 (compatible with PrestaShop 8) is downloadable from the PrestaShop Addon Marketplace.

For users that don’t get free access to this module, the same module version can be downloaded from our GitHub repository

Check out the module’s additional benefits below. Also, find the guides for installing the CoinGate module at the bottom of this article.

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PrestaShop payments module for accepting bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies

While there is no shortage of ways to accept cryptocurrency payments, the most convenient route for the PrestaShop platform users, no matter how small or big the business, is to use a module developed to perform this distinct task. 

The main reason to consider using this particular module by CoinGate is that it provides several advantages that many users might find valuable beyond their initial expectations of a regular crypto payment processor. 

A payment gateway that’s entirely automated

While there is no shortage of ways to accept cryptocurrency payments, the most convenient route for the PrestaShop platform users, no matter how small or big the business, is to use a module developed to perform this distinct task. 

The main reason to consider using this particular module by CoinGate is that it provides several advantages that many users might find valuable beyond their initial expectations of a regular crypto payment processor. 

A payment gateway that’s entirely automated

Fully automated crypto payment rails are what you get when you finish setting up the module. It does not require excessive, and often any, maintenance. 

CoinGate sources real-time exchange rates automatically and accurately reflects them during a customer’s payment cycle, so just relax and let the payments roll in. 

Once you install and configure it, there’s nothing much else to do. Every payment will be collected, processed, converted to other currency (if you wish so), and paid out to an external wallet by request or a bank account (EUR, USD, GBP) automatically once a week. 

Tools for order management, tracking, and accounting

The PrestaShop module for collecting bitcoin & other crypto payments requires users to create a business account on CoinGate. Doing so provides access to a separate dashboard where you can manage every corner of your newly established crypto payment solution. 

It includes the ability to track the status of orders, export relevant data for accounting reasons, invite other users to the account with specific permissions assigned, and more.

Support for Lightning Network payments

The PrestaShop crypto plugin also provides a unique opportunity of accepting both Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) payments on the Lightning Network (LN). 

With that, any merchant can receive payments via CoinGate’s LN public node, which is a feature that many hardcore crypto-friendly consumers will find useful and perhaps even fascinating. 

The Lightning Network feature is enabled by default, so no additional effort or setup is required from the merchant’s side to get it working.

Refunding orders paid in cryptocurrencies

Blockchain payments are known to be irreversible. As such, the only way a consumer can get a refund is if the merchant issues the refund manually when asked. Luckily, CoinGate provides a fully-fledged refund system

However, it’s not always needed when using this module. 

To some extent, the PrestaShop module can issue refunds automatically. For example, if a customer overpays for his order, he can initiate a refund for the amount that’s been overpaid. The money will be paid out to the customer quickly and without the merchant’s involvement. 

The same goes for underpaid orders – a shopper can get his money back immediately if the system sees that the order is not paid sufficiently. 

Customizing the invoice settings

The ability to customize the invoice in many different ways makes the CoinGate plugin stand out. 

With more than 70 cryptocurrencies available to accept by default, merchants can add or remove them from the invoice, change the positioning of coins, or set them up to exchange for other currencies upon receiving payments. 

Merchants also can:

  • Extend the invoice expiration time beyond the default settings;
  • Set the prices of your merchandise in your local fiat currency;
  • Configure the invoice to accept slightly underpaid orders.

Custom currency settlement options

Even though the PrestaShop module allows collecting multiple cryptocurrencies, it’s up to the merchant in what form he wishes to withdraw the collected funds. 

There are several possibilities:

  • Keep a coin in its original form. For example, if you get paid in ADA, you can keep it as it is and request a payout to any wallet that you provide. 
  • Convert any crypto earnings to fiat currencies. Let’s say you got some orders paid in LTC and DOGE. You have the option to convert these coins to fiat currency (EUR, USD, GBP) and receive weekly payouts directly to a bank account. 
  • Settle one cryptocurrency to another. You might receive TRX payments but decide to collect a final payout in BTC or another cryptocurrency instead.

More reasons to accept crypto with the PrestaShop module

There are even more grounds to consider implementing crypto payments besides all the module advantages discussed above. 

Thanks to the inherent blockchain qualities, cryptocurrencies can also provide instant cross-border payments, lower transaction processing fees than credit cards, no risk of fraudulent chargebacks, etc. 

We talk about these and other reasons extensively in our blog dedicated to exploring why it’s worth having crypto payment methods up and running.

To sum up shortly, this CoinGate crypto payments module for PrestaShop will:

  • Accept +70 cryptocurrencies and tokens at once;
  • Collect payments instantly from anywhere in the world;
  • Mitigate risks of cryptocurrency market volatility;
  • Get rid of multiple unnecessary middle-men;
  • Gather and share fewer data about your customers;
  • Eliminate fraudulent chargebacks on purchases;
  • Get the attention of more customers;
  • Create a competitive advantage in your respective industry.

And it offers:

  • A simple, one-time setup with little-to-no maintenance needed;
  • Instant payment confirmations and order status updates;
  • Pricing of merchandise in any local fiat currency;
  • Issuing full and partial refunds manually and automatically;
  • Permission-based account management tools;
  • Bitcoin Lightning Network support;
  • Payouts in stablecoins, BTC, other cryptos, or fiat currencies (EUR/GBP/USD);
  • Mitigation of cryptocurrency market volatility;
  • Sandbox environment for testing the gateway’s functionality.
  • & more.

How to set up the CoinGate module for PrestaShop? Step-by-step guide

A quick note before we start. If you want to test our solution first, sign up for a CoinGate Sandbox to access the testing environment.

Please note that for ‘Test’ mode, you must generate separate API credentials on your Sandbox account. API credentials generated from a regular CoinGate business account will not work in a testing environment.

When testing, do not forget to turn on the ‘Test Mode’ in the PrestaShop module settings. 

CoinGate charges merchants a flat payment processing service fee of 1%.

1. Download the CoinGate module from PrestaShop marketplace or GitHub

The official CoinGate module developed by PrestaShop partners can be downloaded from the official PrestaShop add-on marketplace

coingate module prestashop

The same version of this module is available at the GitHub repository and can be installed using the same guide below.  

Prestashop module download 2

Prestashop module download 1

Once the module is downloaded, go to your PrestaShop admin panel, navigate to Modules > Module Manager, and click the Upload the Module’ button.

Prestashop module install step one

Drag the downloaded file to upload, or click ‘select file’, find the downloaded file, and click Open’. The installation process will begin.

Prestashop plugin installation

Alternatively, log into your PrestaShop account, navigate to ‘Modules > Module Catalog’, search for ‘coingate’, and click ‘Install’ on the first search result.

2. Open a CoinGate business account

This module requires you to have a verified CoinGate business account. Start here

3. Create the API Auth Token on CoinGate 

Generate the API credentials (API Auth Token) when logged into the CoinGate account (Merchant > API > Apps > +New App).

4. Configure API settings

Once the module has finished installing, click the ‘Configure’ button that pops up right after.

Prestashop module install step three

Navigate to the CoinGate module settings page (Modules > CoinGate > Configure) and click the ‘Configure Settings’ button.

Prestashop module install step four

Then, enter the API credentials (or Auth Token) that you have generated on your CoinGate business account.

Prestashop module install step five

Also, set the ‘Payout Currency’ parameter to whatever currency, cryptocurrency or fiat, you wish to receive when payouts come in.

5. Add payout address

You must indicate a bank account or wallet address to receive payouts. Log into your CoinGate account, navigate toAccount Settings > Payout Settingsand add the payout address of a currency you set as ‘Payout Currency’ in step #4.

Be mindful that the CoinGate payment gateway charges a 1% flat fee for payment processing services. 

For more advanced use of CoinGate solution, check out payment gateway API documentation.

In case of a support-related issue, review the CoinGate Support Database or email

Other methods of accepting cryptocurrency payments

Setting up the module is not the only means to make use of the CoinGate payment gateway for accepting crypto payments on your PrestaShop e-commerce site. 

Merchants have an option to use plenty of other methods, such as payment buttons, a Point-of-Sale (PoS) solution, and even a billing service for sending one-time bills via link or email, which can also be set up to send bills to customers ongoingly. Learn more about other payment integration methods that CoinGate has to offer. 

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