Crypto Payment Gateway for Gaming Platforms

We empower Gaming Platforms with a robust crypto payment gateway capable of enhancing business efficiency.rGet ahead in the Gaming Platforms industry today.

  • Attract younger, tech-savvy audience

  • Increase reach and improve accessibility of your services

  • Boost your sales significantly

Cryptocurrency Payments for Gaming Platforms Made Easy

Collecting crypto payments with CoinGate is no rocket science. Here’s how it works:



We present a detailed invoice for your customer.



Your customer makes a payment at a fixed exchange rate.



We transform the client’s payment into your preferred currency.



We send a withdrawal to your bank account on-demand.

User-Friendly Dashboard for Maximum Convenience

CoinGate has everything a business needs to efficiently manage payments:

  • Assign permissions to your team to manage company’s account

  • Download comprehensive reports on your payment activity

  • Track your orders in real-time and get notifications

  • Convert currencies in-house automatically or manually

  • and more!

Payment Features Every Gaming Platforms Needs

We offer a wide range of tools and features designed to cover every need of Gaming Platforms.


Flexible Withdrawals

Withdraw your funds into your preferred crypto wallet or a bank account.


Refunds in Crypto

Refund your customers in various cryptocurrencies without any hassle.


Currency Converter

Exchange cryptocurrencies in your account balance to any other available currency.


Mass Payouts

Send payments in bulk to hundreds of customers and business partners at the same time.

Easily Integrate Crypto into your Gaming Platforms Checkout Page

CoinGate supports multiple crypto payment integration methods:


CoinGate Payment API

Connect your website to our well-documented crypto payments API for maximum customization.


E-commerce Plugins

Easily set up stablecoin payments with an official plugin or extension developed specifically for the e-commerce platform you’re on.


Email Direct Link Billing

Send one-time bills to customers or business partners via your email list or a direct link.


Bitcoin Crypto PoS

Start accepting crypto payments in brick u0026 mortar stores using Point-of-Sale any device with an internet connection and a browser.

Improved Accessibility to Your Gaming Platforms Services – Guaranteed!

Introducing cryptocurrency payments can significantly broaden your customer base, attracting a larger and younger demographic eager for innovative payment solutions.

  • Collect payments globally and instantaneously

  • Attract niche, privacy-conscious customers

  • Provide access to your services to people with no bank accounts

White-Label Gaming Platforms Payment Solution

Customization is key in representing your brand uniquely. rrUsing the white-label solution, you can tailor our crypto payment gateway to fit your brand’s style and operational needs, ensuring a seamless user experience that reflects your company’s identity.

Customization and Branding

CoinGate’s white label solution offers extensive customization, allowing brands and PSPs to match their unique aesthetics and language. The payment flow remains on the brand’s domain and frontend, without CoinGate branding.

Advanced Security Measures

The white label solution includes advanced security features like an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program and real-time wallet checks, ensuring compliance and protection against fraud.

Virtual Ledgers for Advanced Accounting

The white label solution provides virtual ledgers, enabling PSPs to manage sub-accounts and differentiate client transactions, simplifying accounting processes.

Expanded API Functionality

CoinGate’s white label solution offers advanced API features such as hiding payment flows, issuing crypto refunds, tracking payment discrepancies, and executing mass payouts, providing a comprehensive and integrated solution.

What Other Advantages Does Crypto Offer for Gaming Platforms?

  • Receive payments instantly and globally

  • Bankless transactions – reach clients that have no access to banking

  • Remove multiple middle-men from payment process

  • Hold onto less data of your customers

  • Eliminate fraudulent chargebacks

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Gain a competitive advantage

  • Enjoy cheaper payment processing than any traditional method

Join Other Gaming Platforms that Accept Crypto with CoinGate

Join forward-looking Gaming Platforms who have already enhanced their operations with crypto payments.

Every Payment is Protected

Security and compliance is always our top priority.


In-built AML compliance

Our solution includes an advanced Anti-Money Laundering program with real-time wallet checks, ensuring transactions are secure and compliant.


Enhanced security protocols

We equip our solution with top-tier security features to meet the distinct demands of any brand or PSP, ensuring robust protection against fraud.


An adaptable compliance force

We ensure our solution is flexible enough to adapt to various compliance landscapes and financial complexities, providing a secure and customizable payment experience.

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2. Configure Your Payment Gateway

Easily integrate using our robust API, plugins, and more.


3. Accept Crypto Payments

Start accepting stablecoin payments with confidence on multiple networks and Layer 2s (Ethereum, TRON, Solana, Polygon, Arbitrum)

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    Crypto Payment Gateway for Gaming Platforms FAQs

    What countries do you support?

    CoinGate supports gaming platforms globally, enabling them to accept crypto payments globaly. Please visit our supported countries page for detailed information on any regional limitations.

    Are there any restrictions?

    Generally, there are no specific restrictions for gaming platforms using CoinGate to accept crypto payments. Compliance with local laws and regulations is crucial, and our team can assist you in navigating these requirements smoothly.

    How to choose a payment gateway for Gaming Platforms?

    When selecting a cryptocurrency payment gateway for your gaming platform, consider factors such as security, ease of integration, transaction fees, and customer support. CoinGate offers robust security features, seamless integration, competitive fees, and dedicated support, making it an ideal choice for gaming platforms looking to accept crypto payments.

    What are CoinGate fees?

    CoinGate charges a 1% transaction fee for crypto payments. This transparent fee structure helps gaming platforms manage costs effectively while providing a modern payment option to their users.

    How long does it take to process a transaction via your crypto payment gateway for Gaming Platforms?

    Transactions processed through CoinGate are typically confirmed within minutes. While the exact time can vary based on the cryptocurrency and network conditions, our system is designed to ensure fast and efficient transaction processing for gaming platforms.

    Is it legal to accept crypto payments for Gaming Platforms?

    Yes, it is legal for gaming platforms to accept crypto payments in most jurisdictions. However, regulations can vary, so it’s important to stay informed about local laws. CoinGate provides guidance to ensure your gaming platform complies with relevant legal standards.

    What are the risks of accepting crypto payments in Gaming Platforms?

    The primary risks include cryptocurrency price volatility and changing regulations. CoinGate mitigates these risks by offering secure payment solutions, real-time exchange rates, and advanced fraud prevention measures, ensuring safe and reliable transactions.