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Who Accepts SOL? Companies that Accept Solana Payments

Last updated: May 16, 2024 11 min read

Brendan Harding

Solana is quickly gaining traction as a preferred payment method, especially among industries such as VPN services, hosting providers, and proxy solutions. 

This surge in interest highlights the growing appeal of Solana’s fast and low-cost transactions. Recognizing this demand, our team at CoinGate has integrated Solana into our payment processing system. 

This integration has opened the door for a diverse range of merchants to start accepting Solana payments. 

In this blog, we will showcase some of these forward-thinking merchants who are now embracing Solana, making it easier than ever for customers to use their preferred cryptocurrency.

Who Accepts SOL and Why? 

As of now, SOL is reshaping the very fabric of daily commerce.

coingate sol solana payments

SOL is being used for multiple purposes from securing online privacy through VPNs, web hosting services and IT development to buying airline tickets, and obtaining private phone numbers, showcasing its usefulness and flexibility.

Also, the availability of SOL at CoinGate’s gift card store extends its use even further, allowing purchases across a wider range of services and retail outlets.

Companies Accepting Solana Payments

An increasing number of companies across sectors such as e-commerce, travel, and technology are adopting Solana, thereby recognizing SOL as a versatile and efficient payment solution. 

Here are some of the growing uses for SOL:

Buy VPN with SOL

how to get a vpn connection on any device
  • NordVPN: A leader in online privacy, NordVPN accepts SOL for subscriptions. Known for robust security and extensive server coverage, it’s a top choice for protecting data across various devices. Get 75% off plus 3 months extra now.
  • Surfshark: Surfshark offers a blend of affordability and privacy with its no-logs policy. SOL users can take advantage of its competitive pricing. 
  • CactusVPN: For a user-friendly and secure browsing experience, CactusVPN is a smart pick for SOL users. It comes packed with various privacy tools. Check out CactusVPN.
  • VPN: VPN accommodates users with a broad selection of payment methods, including SOL and other cryptocurrencies, credit cards, electronic money, cash payments via terminals, and SMS payments. Read more about VPN here.

Here’s more of the best VPN providers that accept crypto.

Buy Proxies with SOL

  • ProxyCheap: Perfect for digital marketing and research, ProxyCheap offers an array of residential and mobile proxies. Discover their offerings here.
  • IPRoyal: IPRoyal provides premium, ethical proxies which you can pay for using SOL, ideal for secure and private online activities. View their services here.
  • ProxyScrape: Choose ProxyScrape for quick and dependable proxies, available with SOL payments, suitable for private web surfing or data scraping. Find out more here.
  • Froxy: Froxy is a proxy service provider that offers a wide range of secure and reliable residential and mobile proxies for various digital needs, such as web scraping, privacy enhancement, and secure browsing. Here’s what you can expect from Froxy.
  • Geonode: Geonode provides a versatile range of proxy solutions including unlimited residential, premium residential, and various datacenter proxies, featuring dual authentication and SOCKS5 support, with a global reach covering over 140 countries. This is what you get.
  • Ghostealth: Ghostealth offers unlimited bandwidth with 50,000 rotating datacenter proxies available across multiple global locations, catering to high-volume requests with a daily handling of up to 10 million, ensuring 99.9% uptime and supporting payments via credit card and cryptocurrency. Get the lowdown here.

For additional information on proxy service providers that accept SOL, refer to this comprehensive article on crypto-friendly proxies.

Buy Hosting & VPS with SOL

best vps hosting providers 2024 that accept crypto
  • Hostinger: Hostinger provides a variety of hosting services suited for both individuals and businesses, including shared, cloud, and VPS hosting. Use SOL for payments and receive up to a 63% discount on Hostinger’s services!
  • Cherry Servers: Known for customized server solutions, Cherry Servers features dedicated servers and personalized cloud infrastructure, all payable with SOL. 
  • HostSailor: HostSailor offers versatile VPS hosting solutions that can be purchased using SOL, providing flexibility and convenience for users looking to leverage the efficiency of Solana’s cryptocurrency.
  • XetHost: For reliable VPS hosting options that are purchasable with SOL, XetHost is loved by users who prefer to utilize the fast and secure cryptocurrency Solana for their hosting needs.
  • HostStage: HostStage provides affordable and reliable web hosting solutions, including VPS and dedicated servers, with flexible payment options including SOL, ideal for both individual and enterprise needs.

Find more hosting providers that accept crypto.

Purchase Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Services with SOL

  • GPURDP: Opt for GPURDP to access Remote Desktop Protocol services essential for remote work or server management, payable with SOL. More info here.
  • HomeRDP: HomeRDP allows you to acquire RDP solutions for diverse needs, ensuring a reliable and high-speed remote desktop experience, payable with SOL. Learn more here.
  • EuRDP: Specializing in VPS and VDS hosting, EuRDP offers servers in Amsterdam and various global locations. Their infrastructure supports high loads and boasts rapid deployment times, claiming to be 24% faster with server setups deployable in under 60 seconds worldwide—all payable with SOL. Find out how it works here.
  • RDPDataBase: RDPDatabase provides an extensive selection of SOL purchasable RDP and dedicated server solutions, featuring cutting-edge hardware such as the Intel® Core™ i9-13900 CPU and 24-Core processors equipped with DDR5 ECC RAM. Learn more here.

Discover additional RDP providers that accept SOL and other cryptocurrencies by checking out this article.

Purchase Plane Tickets with SOL

  • Alternative Airlines: Use SOL to book flights through Alternative Airlines, which features an extensive selection of airlines and routes suitable for business or leisure travel. Start booking here.

Buy Private Phone Numbers with SOL

  • MoreMins: Use SOL to secure private phone numbers from MoreMins, perfect for confidential communications or business dealings. Find more information here.

Purchase Gift Cards with SOL

  • CoinGate Gift Card Store: Discover a wide selection of gift cards ranging from entertainment to retail, available for purchase with SOL. This offers users enhanced flexibility and choice to buy gift cards from Amazon, eBay, Nike, Airbnb, and many more. Explore all available gift cards or view the top 10 gift cards to purchase with SOL at CoinGate.

More about SOL and Solana blockchain

SOL is the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain. It serves multiple purposes within the Solana network:

  • Transaction Fees – SOL is used to pay for transaction fees and to fund smart contracts operations on the Solana network.
  • Staking – SOL can be staked by token holders to participate in the network’s consensus mechanism, securing the network while earning rewards.
  • Governance – SOL holders can participate in governance decisions, influencing the development and direction of the Solana ecosystem.

As a cryptocurrency, SOL is widely used for both investment purposes and as a utility token within the Solana ecosystem, facilitating various activities including gaming, DeFi, and other decentralized applications.

The robust capabilities and architecture of Solana, coupled with the utility of SOL, make it a significant player in the field of blockchain technology, with a further aim to drive broader adoption of decentralized technology in everyday applications.

The Increasing Adoption of SOL in Cryptocurrency Payments

Solana’s rapid processing capability, supporting up to 65,000 transactions per second, positions SOL as a highly attractive choice for businesses and consumers desiring quick and reliable crypto payments. 

This exceptional speed ensures transactions are completed almost instantaneously, significantly enhancing user experience.

The extremely low transaction fees associated with SOL make it an economically viable option for a broad spectrum of transactions. Whether it’s small-scale retail purchases or large-scale global business transactions, the cost-effectiveness of Solana appeals right across the board.


SOL’s robust scalability is a key factor in its adoption for crypto payments. 

As businesses grow and transaction volumes increase, Solana’s network maintains high performance and reliability without succumbing to bottlenecks.


The decentralization of the Solana network offers enhanced security and resilience, making SOL a safer payment option in the crypto space. This security is critical for users and businesses alike, ensuring that transactions are not only fast but also secure.


Solana’s energy-efficient nature, driven by its Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, appeals to environmentally conscious consumers and businesses. This sustainability aspect is becoming increasingly important as global awareness of environmental issues grows.

The Future

As Solana continues to grow and evolve, and its role in simplifying crypto payments expands, SOL has now positioned itself as a cornerstone in the future of digital transactions. 

This ongoing development promises to keep SOL at the forefront of blockchain technology innovations far into the future.

Key Features of Solana – the Engine Behind SOL

Now that you know what SOL can be used for and many of its advantages, here are some of Solana’s top features and the reasons behind its spike in popularity:

High Throughput

Solana can handle up to 65,000 transactions per second (TPS), making it one of the fastest blockchains available. 

This is achieved through a unique consensus mechanism known as Proof of History (PoH), alongside the traditional Proof of Stake (PoS) system. 

Proof of History helps to create a historical record that proves that an event has occurred at a specific moment in time.

Low Transaction Costs

Transaction fees on Solana are extremely low, typically costing fractions of a cent. This makes it economically feasible for a wide range of applications, from microtransactions in gaming to complex financial transactions in DeFi (decentralized finance).


Unlike many other blockchains that struggle with network congestion as they scale, Solana’s architecture allows it to maintain high performance as it grows. 

Its scalability is supported by its innovative single-layer network, which does not require additional layers or off-chain solutions to process transactions quickly.


The Solana network is secured by a large number of independent validators, which ensures that it remains decentralized. 

This decentralization makes the network more secure and less likely to be controlled by any single entity.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Solana is actively addressing sustainability concerns associated with blockchain technology. Here are the key initiatives:

  1. Energy Efficiency – Solana operates on a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which is inherently more energy-efficient than the Proof of Work (PoW) model used by other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This PoS model significantly reduces the amount of electricity required for operations.
  2. Carbon Neutrality Goals – The Solana Foundation is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. It has pledged to make the Solana network carbon neutral and reduce its net emissions to zero, actively investing in energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy projects.
  3. Real-Time Emissions Tracking – Solana is the first smart-contract Layer 1 blockchain that tracks energy emissions in real time. This allows the network, its users, and researchers to monitor and audit its energy usage and carbon footprint accurately, right down to specific validators or Remote Procedure Call (RPC) nodes.
  4. Open-Sourcing Data – The Solana Foundation has committed to transparency by open-sourcing the data on its energy consumption and carbon emissions. This allows developers, stakeholders, and researchers access to detailed information and helps foster a community-focused approach to reducing blockchain emissions.

These efforts highlight Solana’s proactive approach to sustainability, aiming to set a standard for environmental responsibility in the blockchain industry. You can get more information here.

The Expanding Reach of Solana

The diverse range of businesses accepting SOL is a testament to Solana’s potential to become a mainstream payment method. 

Its promise of fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions, across multiple industries, makes Solana an attractive option for both businesses and consumers looking to embrace the future of digital commerce. 

As Solana continues to evolve and expand, its role in the digital payments landscape is poised to grow significantly, promising a reliable alternative to traditional payment methods.


The appeal of Solana lies in its exceptional capacity to process a vast number of transactions rapidly and cost-effectively. Its innovative consensus mechanism, Proof of History, integrated with Proof of Stake, provides a secure and efficient foundation for its blockchain network, setting it apart in the cryptocurrency world.

Can Solana be utilized for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications?

Yes, Solana is highly suitable for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. The platform supports a burgeoning ecosystem that includes a variety of DeFi services such as lending protocols, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and yield farming opportunities. 

Thanks to its capacity for high transaction throughput and minimal transaction fees, Solana offers significant advantages for DeFi users seeking efficient and cost-effective financial operations. This combination of features makes Solana a compelling option for those involved in the expanding world of DeFi.

Can Solana be used for NFT (Non-Fungible Token) transactions?

For sure. Solana has become a favored blockchain for handling NFT transactions due to its rapid processing capabilities and low transaction costs. 

These features make it an optimal choice for minting, trading, and managing NFTs across different platforms, providing a seamless and cost-effective experience for users in the NFT space.

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