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Who Accepts Bitcoin (BTC)?

Last updated: July 2, 2024 17 min read

Brendan Harding

Bitcoin (BTC) has revolutionized everyday payment transactions with an ever-growing number of forward-thinking merchants and services now accepting it.

In this article, you’ll uncover the expanding landscape of businesses embracing Bitcoin payments.

Plus, you’ll get an overview of why this pioneering cryptocurrency is being adopted by a variety of merchants and services all over the world. 

And, you’ll learn about the benefits and practicalities of using BTC for everyday transactions through platforms like CoinGate and the key matter of who actually accepts Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin, and Where did it Come From?

Bitcoin is a type of digital money that exists only online, designed to allow people to send money directly to each other without needing a bank.

It was created in 2009 by an unknown person or group using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Unlike traditional money issued by governments, Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning no single entity controls it.

Transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in a public ledger called a blockchain. This ensures transparency and security, making it impossible for anyone to cheat the system.

In its early days, Bitcoin was mostly used by tech enthusiasts and for niche online transactions (tech-related purchases, online gaming, early crypto exchanges, donations to NGOs and activists, and similar). 

However, over time Bitcoin has gained wider acceptance. An ever-increasing number of businesses now accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services, and it has become a popular investment asset, similar to gold and other valuable commodities.

Here’s an important fact – there will only ever be 21 million BTC in existence. This limit is built into the system to create scarcity, which can increase its value over time. 

Bitcoin has experienced significant price fluctuations since its creation – upwards and downwards. 

It started with a value of nothing and has reached prices in the tens of thousands of dollars per Bitcoin. Today, Bitcoin is widely recognized and used not just by individuals, but also by large companies and financial institutions globally. 

Who is Embracing Bitcoin Payments (Or Things You Can Buy with BTC)

Bitcoin’s growing acceptance as a legitimate form of payment is transforming various sectors, and allowing consumers to use cryptocurrency for an expanding range of goods and services. 

This next section explores the key industries that are integrating Bitcoin and crypto payment options into their payment systems, from buying proxies and VPNs to gift cards and travel, highlighting the innovative ways they are leveraging BTC to enhance customer experiences and streamline transactions. 

From protecting your online identity with VPNs and proxies to storing and managing your digital assets with crypto accounting software, there are an ever-growing number of platforms and services accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. 

Using Bitcoin to Pay for VPN Services

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure, encrypted connection that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. 

how to get a vpn connection on any device

This is managed by routing their internet traffic through a third-party server, hiding their IP address and location, and protecting their online data from being intercepted or monitored by hackers, governments, or ISPs.


NordVPN is a global leader in the online privacy space, renowned for its robust security features and extensive network of servers. 

With a focused goal of protecting user data, NordVPN is an ideal choice for safeguarding your online activities across multiple devices. 


Surfshark offers a unique blend of affordability and privacy, backed by its no-logs policy. This competitive pricing makes it an attractive option for BTC users seeking a reliable and secure VPN service.


CactusVPN boasts a comprehensive suite of privacy tools that ensure that your online activities remain protected and anonymous. The VPN offers high-speed servers in 22 countries, providing smooth and stable connections with unlimited bandwidth. Servers also double as proxy servers, available at no extra cost. VPN VPN offers a diverse range of payment options, including Bitcoin, credit cards, electronic money, cash payments via terminals, and SMS payments. 

This flexibility makes it an attractive option for users who prefer to use alternative payment methods. 

Learn how to get a VPN on any device.

Using Bitcoin to Pay for Proxies and Web Scraping Tools 

Proxies let internet users access websites and content while hiding their original IP address. This can be useful for individuals who want to maintain their online anonymity, bypass geo-restrictions, scrape data, or protect their privacy while accessing public Wi-Fi networks. 

what is web scraping


Offering premium, ethical proxies that can be paid for using Bitcoin, IPRoyal is perfect for secure and private online activities, such as accessing sensitive information or making online transactions.


For quick and dependable proxies, ProxyScrape is a reliable choice, available with Bitcoin payments and suitable for private web surfing, data scraping, or other online activities.


As a proxy service provider, Froxy offers a wide range of secure and reliable residential and mobile proxies for various digital needs, including web scraping, privacy enhancement, and secure browsing.


With its array of residential and mobile proxies, ProxyCheap is ideal for digital marketing and research, allowing users to access websites and collect data from different locations.


Ghostealth offers unlimited bandwidth with 50,000 rotating datacenter proxies available across multiple global locations. With the ability to handle up to 10 million requests daily, Ghostealth ensures 99.9% uptime and supports payments via credit card and cryptocurrency.


Geonode provides a versatile range of proxy solutions, including unlimited residential, premium residential, and datacenter proxies, featuring dual authentication and SOCKS5 support. 

With a global reach covering over 140 countries, Geonode is a great choice for those who need to access websites from multiple locations.

Learn more about proxies here.

Using Bitcoin to Pay for Hosting Services

Hosting services provide a platform for individuals and organizations to host their websites, applications, and data online, allowing them to reach a global audience. 

best vps hosting providers 2024 that accept crypto

These services typically offer a range of options, including shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and cloud hosting, each with varying levels of customization, control, and resources. 

By choosing a reliable hosting service, users can ensure their online presence is secure, scalable, and accessible to users worldwide.

Cherry Servers

Cherry Servers provides dedicated servers and cloud infrastructure solutions with a focus on open source and developer control. 

Rooted in the open-source community, their platform fosters interconnections with fellow cloud-native providers, offering a wide array of cloud services while empowering users with specialized infrastructure and full usage control.


Hostinger is a web hosting service known for its affordable pricing and robust features, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced web developers. It offers a variety of hosting plans, including shared, VPS, and cloud hosting, along with Hostinger’s 24/7 customer support and user-friendly interface.


HostSailor is a web hosting service known for its reliable and affordable hosting solutions. It offers a variety of plans, including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, with a focus on excellent customer support and performance.


HostStage offers a complete hosting solution tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, accommodating individual bloggers, affiliate marketers, and larger enterprises with multiple blogs. 

The company’s services include various hosting solutions, domain registration, SSL certificates, and server licenses, ensuring all hosting needs are met. Additionally, HostStage’s web hosting is optimized for SEO, providing rank-tracking tools to monitor SERP rankings effectively.


XetHost provides cost-effective hosting solutions, helping businesses of all sizes optimize their IT budgets. Its scalable infrastructure allows your business to grow without limits, ensuring top-notch performance for your online presence. 

With innovative designs, XetHost keeps your business ahead of the curve in the competitive market.

Find more crypto-friendly hosting services here.

Using Bitcoin to Buy Remote Desktop Protocol Services (RDP)

Remote Desktop Protocol Services (RDPs) lets global professionals manage their work from any location, breaking down the barriers to productivity and collaboration. 

best rdp services that accept crypto

IT specialists, customer support teams, and digital creatives rely on RDP to connect to their mainframes, enabling real-time management, problem-solving, and seamless updates on creative projects without needing to be physically present.

In an era where rapid response to business demands and customer needs is crucial for staying competitive, RDP offers the agility to act immediately from anywhere, ensuring that users can maintain high levels of service and productivity at all times.


GPURDP specializes in high-performance GPU-powered servers, ideal for tasks such as Android emulators, online gaming, and OBS streaming. 

They guarantee a 99.9% uptime, offer a money-back guarantee, and provide high-core GPU options with inbuilt graphic cards. With plans tailored for various uses and a claim of over 300 positive reviews over 5 years of operation, GPURDP positions itself as a reliable provider in the GPU server market, promising smooth performance for GPU-intensive tasks.


HomeRDP stands out as an excellent option for professionals in need of dedicated RDP services, offering the convenience of Bitcoin payments. It ensures instant activation, 24/7 live support, and unlimited bandwidth, effectively meeting the essential needs of various remote access users. 

With a range of plans tailored to different requirements and budgets, HomeRDP provides a versatile solution for all remote desktop needs and can be purchased using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


EuRDP specializes in VPS and VDS hosting with servers in Amsterdam and other global locations. They offer a variety of plans, starting at $20 per month, with features like full root admin access and Windows VPS. 

EuRDP boasts fast deployment times and flexible, high-performance infrastructure, making them a reliable choice for scalable hosting solutions. 

Additionally, they provide a range of paid and free features with each server, including one selected IP address, full SSH access, and the option for customers to install their preferred OS.


PrivateRDP has been a trusted provider in the RDP and hosting market since 2016. They offer a variety of hosting solutions with multiple server locations in the Netherlands, France, Canada, and the USA to ensure optimal performance.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee and instant activation for private RDP servers, PrivateRDP ensures reliability and quick service. Plus, they cater to a diverse clientele with various payment options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, and credit cards, balancing affordability with high-quality service. 


BuyCheapRDP provides a variety of RDP services designed to enhance productivity and remote access, with over 19,000 customers enjoying high-speed services up to 10Gbps and pure SSD storage. 

The platform also offers a range of payment plans including Residential, Streaming, Botting, and Encoding RDP, across multiple global locations. 

BuyCheapRDP’s services ensure secure communications with 128-bit encryption and support clipboard sharing, catering to various needs such as using RDP as a second computer, VPN alternative, and for bypassing geographical restrictions.

Learn more about RDPs here.

Using Bitcoin to Buy AI Website Building Tools

AI website building tools are advanced software applications that leverage artificial intelligence to simplify and automate the process of creating websites. 

build a website with AI website builders

These tools offer intuitive design interfaces, allowing users to build websites without needing extensive coding knowledge. 

They can automatically generate website layouts, select color schemes, and suggest design elements based on user preferences and industry standards.

Key features of AI website building tools often include drag-and-drop functionality, automated content generation, SEO optimization, and responsive design templates. 

By using AI algorithms, these tools can personalize website elements to match the specific needs and branding of the user, making it easier to create professional-looking websites quickly and efficiently.


Hostinger’s AI website builder is gaining recognition for its robust suite of AI tools that streamline the entire web development process. 

Perfectly designed for beginners and those seeking a straightforward, efficient website creation tool without technical know-how, it offers a range of AI features that significantly reduce the time and effort needed to launch a website.

While it may lack advanced customization options and extensive integrations, Hostinger’s AI website builder is a solid choice for anyone new to creating an online presence or those working on a tight budget.

Wix AI Website Builder

Wix AI Website Builder is a comprehensive tool that combines user-friendliness with powerful AI capabilities, including integration with technologies like ChatGPT. 

Its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) asks users questions about their business or project, and then automatically generates customized website layouts using contemporary design trends and optimal functionality.

With a conversational interface, Wix’s AI Website Builder allows users to generate and customize top-tier websites effortlessly. 

Powered by the latest Generation AI technology, it provides a holistic solution featuring SEO tools, marketing tools, integrated site management, strong security, and reliable infrastructure, ensuring efficient creation of business-ready websites.

Learn more about AI website building tools.

Using Bitcoin to Buy Crypto Tax Accounting Software

Crypto tax accounting software is a specialized digital tool designed to help cryptocurrency users accurately calculate and report their taxes. 

best crypto tax software

These platforms automatically import transaction data from various exchanges and wallets, compute gains and losses, and generate detailed tax reports compliant with regulatory standards. 

The software streamlines the tax reporting process, ensuring users meet their tax obligations efficiently and accurately while minimizing errors and saving time.


ZenLedger is a leading cryptocurrency tax calculator that simplifies calculating DeFi, NFT, and crypto taxes, allowing users to file their taxes directly within the app. 

The platform supports a wide array of exchanges, DeFi protocols, and NFT platforms, making it ideal for users with diverse cryptocurrency portfolios. 

With tools like Tax Loss Harvesting and the Grand Unified Spreadsheet, ZenLedger optimizes tax strategies and maintains detailed transaction records, all backed by premium customer support available seven days a week.


Blockpit offers free portfolio tracking and anonymous signup, simplifying the management of crypto investments. 

With smart blockchain imports for over 250,000 assets, BlockPit efficiently supports IRS, HMRC, BMF tax rules, and more, ensuring compliance across jurisdictions. Blockpit also connects users with tax professionals for expert advice, preserves Accointing (BlockPit’s former name) history files, and supports DeFi and NFTs.


CoinLedger is a cryptocurrency tax software designed to save users time and maximize tax refunds. 

As an official TurboTax partner, it offers seamless tracking of crypto investments and filing of taxes, with international support and free portfolio tracking to make tax season stress-free for investors worldwide.

Key features include easy transaction import from popular exchanges and wallets, NFT integration, automatic classification of transaction history, and tracking of cost basis and historical prices. 

Users can view gains and losses for free, download comprehensive tax reports, and export them to platforms like TurboTax and H&R Block, ensuring efficient and accurate tax filing.


Koinly syncs data from a wide range of exchanges, wallets, and services, allowing users to manage all their crypto transactions centrally. Its automated import and smart transfer matching reduce errors and streamline the tax reporting process. 

With advanced tax reporting options for multiple countries and proven problem-solving tools, Koinly is a versatile and reliable crypto accounting solution for both individual investors and professionals managing multiple clients.

Learn more about crypto tax accounting software here.

Using Bitcoin to Buy an eSIM for International Travel

An eSIM is a digital SIM integrated directly into your phone’s hardware, eliminating the need for a physical card. 

This technology allows users to easily activate and switch between different carrier profiles directly from their device, offering convenience and flexibility, especially for international travelers who frequently change local carriers to avoid high roaming charges.


Saily is a premier provider of eSIM solutions tailored for international travelers, offering competitive pricing, extensive global coverage, and a straightforward setup process. 

With coverage in over 150 countries and a range of flexible data plans, Saily ensures reliable connectivity for both short getaways and long-term stays.

The Saily app, available on iOS and Android, simplifies the management of eSIM profiles and data plans, allowing for easy activation and control of your connectivity. 

In addition to its user-friendly interface and robust coverage, Saily offers 24/7 customer support, ensuring prompt assistance and peace of mind while traveling. Developed by NordVPN, Saily leverages the trust and expertise of one of the world’s leading digital privacy products.


MoreMins is a leading eSIM provider specializing in affordable international calls, SMS, travel data, virtual numbers, and virtual SIM cards. With services available in over 160 countries, MoreMins ensures that you stay connected globally without breaking the bank. 

MoreMins’ competitive pricing makes it easy to keep in touch with loved ones or manage business communications while traveling.

The MoreMins app, available on both iOS and Android, simplifies the process of ordering and managing these services. From cheap international calls and SMS to cost-effective travel data and virtual numbers, the app provides a seamless experience for users. Whether you’re on a short trip or an extended stay, MoreMins offers reliable and budget-friendly solutions for all your connectivity needs.

Using Bitcoin to Buy Gift Cards

CoinGate allows users to purchase gift cards using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

With a network of over 2,000 available gift cards from popular retailers, CoinGate offers a convenient and versatile solution for those looking to spend BTC on gift cards for themselves or to give as a gift. 

And, the CoinGate platform ensures instant email delivery, making it a fast and secure way to obtain gift cards.

Here are some examples of the most popular gift cards you can purchase with BTC.

Amazon: Access millions of items available on

Apple: Purchase products, accessories, and services from the Apple Store and iTunes.

Discord Nitro: Get a subscription to Discord Nitro, enhancing your Discord experience with extra features.

Steam: Buy games, software, and other content on the Steam platform.

Walmart: Shop for a wide range of products at Walmart stores and online at

Eneba: Acquire digital games, software, and other products on the Eneba marketplace.

Skype: Use Skype credits to make calls to mobiles and landlines worldwide.

Uber & Uber Eats: Pay for rides with Uber and food delivery orders through Uber Eats.

Spotify: Subscribe to Spotify Premium for ad-free music streaming.

Deliveroo: Order food delivery from a variety of local restaurants through Deliveroo.

You can also find gift cards in a whole range of alternative categories, like mobile gaming, sports, clothing, software, home improvements, travel, restaurants, electronics, music, entertainment, streaming, and hundreds more.

Bitcoin’s Impact on the Financial World

Bitcoin has significantly impacted the financial world since its inception in 2009, introducing new paradigms in how we think about and conduct financial transactions. 

As a decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin operates outside the control of traditional financial institutions like banks and governments. 

This decentralization has profound implications for the global financial system, offering an alternative to conventional money and payment systems.

Bitcoin promotes financial inclusivity by offering access to financial services for unbanked and underbanked populations worldwide. 

Anyone with internet access can participate in the Bitcoin network, making it particularly valuable in regions with limited access to traditional banking infrastructure.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin for Transactions

Lower Fees

Bitcoin transactions typically involve lower fees compared to traditional banking and payment systems, which often have multiple intermediaries each charging for their services. This is especially beneficial for international transfers. 

Faster Processing Times

Bitcoin transactions are confirmed within minutes to a few hours, much quicker than the several days traditional banking can take, making it ideal for urgent transactions. Using the Lightning Network can make BTC transactions even faster. 

Security and Transparency

Secured by cryptographic algorithms and recorded on the immutable, transparent blockchain, Bitcoin transactions reduce the risk of fraud and allow for easy verification and auditing.

Financial Autonomy

Bitcoin provides individuals with greater financial control, enabling them to manage and transfer funds without reliance on traditional banking systems, which can impose regulatory restrictions and account freezes. This is particularly important in regions with unstable financial systems.

The Role of CoinGate in Bitcoin Payments

CoinGate acts as a bridge between Bitcoin users and merchants, making retail and ecommerce BTC transactions easy, convenient, and accessible for everyone. 

By offering seamless integration and user-friendly tools, CoinGate enables businesses to accept Bitcoin payments effortlessly and securely. 

Are you one of those businesses interested in accepting Bitcoin for payments? Then your next best move is to sign up for a CoinGate account. Start here

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